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Online IT Induction

Digital Services have created a Getting Started IT Guide to guide new students through the process of accessing their account for the first time and connecting to essential services.

The IT Guide is complemented by a video overview of our services and systems.  We strongly recommend all new students take time to review both resources.

In addition, we provide on-campus IT Support Zones at the start of term where you can get help to get connected quickly.

Getting started for students

Additional information

  • Getting Started IT Guide for New Students

    Everything you need to know to get you up and running quickly with your IT account is included in our guide below. The steps have been arranged in a particular order to walk you through all aspects that are essential to get you connected and online quickly.

  • On-Campus IT Support 22nd January - 9th February 2024

    Additional IT support is available on each campus as outlined below.  Look out for staff wearing red T-shirts!

    IT Support Zones
    DatesSupport ServiceDetailsTimesLocation
    Mon 22nd January 2024 - Fri 26th January 2024IT Support ZoneLogin, MFA and Wifi SupportBelfast- 9am - 4.45pm
    Derry~Londonderry-1pm - 3pm
    Belfast - Block BA-03 Labs
    Derry~Londonderry - Library, 1st floor Scullery
    Mon 29th January 2024 - Fri 9th February 2024Roving IT SupportLogin, MFA and Wifi SupportBelfast- 9am - 4.45pm
    Coleraine- 1pm to 3pm
    Derry~Londonderry- 1pm - 3pm
    All Libraries
  • What You Need to Get Started

    All students will require our services throughout their time at the University and in order to make full use of these you must make sure that you:

    1. Are fully registered with the University - see Academic Registry
    2. Have a University student ID card - see Academic Registry
    3. Know your University Email address and Password. All official University communications are distributed via your University email account - refer to the Getting Started IT Guide and Email Service
  • What You Need to Know

    To help you get started using our services, listed below are some of the main things you will need to become familiar with:

    1. How do I access the University Portal? - see Student Portal
    2. How do I save to OneDrive, my online file storage? - see Using OneDrive
    3. How do I print, copy or scan documents? - see Print Service
    4. Where is the Library on my campus? - see Library locations
    5. How do I find out about my Library subject resources? - see Subject Resources
    6. Find out how to access your Library online account. Your student ID card is also your Library card for borrowing - see Library account
    7. How do I find out about the services and facilities offered by Digital Services? - see Digital Services Student Experience

Getting help

If you have a problem, help is available.

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