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Applications from students currently registered or previously registered at another institution.

By exception, the University accepts applications from students who have completed part of their PhD elsewhere and who wish to continue with the same study to completion at Ulster; however, this is subject to formal consideration and approval through the University admissions processes. To facilitate this consideration, in addition to the standard application requirements (details available here), the following documents must also be supplied:

  • Formal release of all Intellectual Property (IP) from original institution;
  • Formal statements of registration from original institution, including dates of registration;
  • Formal statements of academic progress from original institution with details (including dates) of interim assessments;
  • A report from the original supervisors on the candidate’s work to date;
  • A report from the candidate stating his/her reasons for moving institution.

Upon receipt of the application, the faculty concerned will also be required to make an assessment of the candidate’s work to date including a formal interview.

A report on the candidate’s progress on the current study together with a recommendation regarding admission and where admission is recommended into which year of the Ulster PhD programme the candidate should be registered will be agreed by the Board of the Faculty.