Submitting your thesis

The following pages provide details on the preparation and deposit of your thesis, at both initial submission stage and then for the final hard bound copies post examination.  As you prepare for electronic submission, please look out for training opportunities through the Researcher Development Programme which will support you in preparing the e-version of your thesis.

Submission of theses for Examination

PhD Researchers who are not members of staff of the University should submit two soft bound copies of the thesis for examination in the first instance. If you have been a full-time member of staff for a period exceeding two years, or part-time equivalent, then you should submit three copies.  These copies will be distributed to your examiners.

At the same time, you should email a full copy of your thesis, in PDF format, to the Doctoral College. You should also submit your thesis through TurnitIn plagiarism detection software via Blackboard (under 'Courses' then 'PhD Researcher Turnitin').  Once you have the output report from TurnitIn, please email this along with your e-copy of the thesis to the Doctoral College. Electronic copies of the thesis will be distributed by the Doctoral College to the supervisory team and the Chair of the Board of Examiners. The examiners may receive an electronic version of the thesis on request.

Researcher Pool

On submission of your thesis for examination, you are eligible to sign up for the Researcher Pool, which the University will use to use to fill short-term Research Assistant positions. The purpose in establishing this pool is mainly to enhance the employability of PhD Researchers who have recently been awarded a PhD or submitted their thesis for examination. Full details on how to apply to join the pool are available on the HR webpages - just search for Researcher Pool.

Final submission of theses

Once the Board of Examiners are satisfied that you have met the requirements of the award and any amendments have been approved by the Internal Examiner, you should submit one final hard-bound copy to the Doctoral College (this will be sent to the Chair of your supervisory team) along with the final electronic version, in PDF format.  In addition, you should submit your signed (by all parties) Deposit of Data and Samples Form, Reassignment of Intellectual property Rights Form and the Ulster EThesis Deposit Agreement

Including copyright material in your thesis
Restricting access to your thesis
Thesis format
Depositing the final electronic version of your thesis
Ulster eThesis Deposit Agreement
Notes of guidance on the presentation of theses

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