PhD Researchers are required to submit work through plagiarism detection software are various stages throughout their programme of study.  At Ulster, Turnitin Originality Software is used for this purpose and PhD Researchers are assigned an area within Blackboard through which they can upload work for submission through the software.

You are required to submit your Turnitin report alongside any assessment submissions at three key stages: Initial Assessment, Confirmation of Registration and Final Thesis Submission.  You can submit the output report from Turnitin via PhD Manager.

How to Access the Turnitin Area

The process for obtaining your Turnitin report is straightforward – simply access Blackboard (, enter your usual password and select ‘Courses’. From here, you should see ‘PhD Researchers Turnitin’. You then just need to select your Faculty and the assessment for which you are uploading the document and follow the upload instructions.  Within Blackboard, there are various guides on submitting an assignment, which you may follow if you have any difficulties.

Once you have uploaded your assignment through the link you just need to login again after a period of time (usually 30 minutes or sometimes more) and click on the link again. You will then see your Turnitin report instead of an option to upload.

It is important that you do not use this system to ‘test’ your submissions or work at any stage as this will affect the final Turnitin report, which will show a higher similarity index than expected.

If you have any difficulties please email with a screenshot of the issue you are having.