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Academic Office

The Academic Office has advisory and developmental roles in relation to standards assurance and the regulation of taught award-bearing provision, and academic policy and procedures.

Access Digital and Distributed Learning

ADDL comprises three departments covering both academic services and education provision.


The Centre for HIgher Education Research and Practice (CHERP) functions as a facilitating and enabling arm of Learning and Teaching, with its primary role to progress the implementation of aspects of the Learning and Teaching Strategy (2013/14 - 2017/18) in collaboration with other key players within the institution.

Employability and Careers

E&C comprises three units covering academic services, business engagement and employability/careers provision.

Quality Enhancement

Quality Enhancement is responsible for supporting the monitoring, assurance and enhancement of taught course provision and the associated academic student experience.


Library services provide resources to support learning, teaching and research. The team will assist you with ebooks as well as guide you on library opening times.

Student Experience & Wellbeing

Delivering services to support students health and wellbeing including mental health advice and counselling, support and funding for disability and medical conditions, and advice on money matters