To date Santander has donated over £1.1 million to Ulster University to enhance student opportunities.

Santander Universities


Since 2011, Ulster University has been working in partnership with Santander Universities to enhance opportunities for student mobility, support internships, work placements and entrepreneurship.

Moving forward Santander will focus on three core themes; enterprise, education and employability.


  • Aligns with the Santander Group commitment to higher education institutions
  • Santander’s long-term, strategic alliance with universities, benefits students and university staff in the communities they are present
  • Increases the employability of students giving them a competitive edge
  • Helping reduce graduate unemployment levels
  • Helping students and staff gain a global perspective

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Santander related news

Ulster University supporting next generation of entrepreneurs

Ulster University, in partnership with Santander Universities, has launched its first ever Student Enterprise Fund.

4 December 2018


We welcome opportunities for collaboration, partnership and knowledge-exchange. For more information on this project or indeed forming a corporate partnership with Ulster University contact Karen Delgado.