Environmental Sustainability Steering Group

The University has established a high level steering group to develop and embed environmental sustainability across the institution.

The group oversees the development and introduction of policy and strategy to reduce the University’s impact on the environment. The group also raises the profile of environmental sustainability internally and encourages participation in initiatives by staff and students.

The steering group is chaired by the Pro-Vice Chancellor, Global Engagement, who also acts as the University’s Environmental Sustainability  Champion. Key roles of the Chair are to raise the profile of the University’s environmental sustainability efforts and to monitor progress against targets.

Environmental Sustainability Sub Groups

The University has also established two Environmental Sustainability sub groups to assist with the development and implementation of an overarching Environmental Sustainability Strategy and Action Plan for the University.

  1. Environmental Sustainability Sub Group (Operations) - responsible for the effective implementation of environmental improvement initiatives within academic support operations/ activities.
  2. Environmental Sustainability Sub Group (Students’ Union) - responsible for the effective implementation of environmental improvement initiatives within the Students’ Union and student population as a whole.

Environmental Management System

Our Environmental Management System (EMS) gives us a structured framework for managing and minimising the impact of our operations on the environment and incorporates our estates and procurement operations.

In May 2017, Ulster University achieved the new and more challenging ISO 14001:2015 standard.  The new ISO 14001 standard places greater emphasis on how organisations integrate environmental performance into governance, management and operational processes.

The internationally recognised standard is awarded by an independent external certification body and re-assessed each year.

Policies and Performance

Ulster University aims to be sustainable in everything that we do, in order to achieve a sustainable environment we have implemented a variety of policies.

As well as our policies you can also view our environmental sustainability performance report, to see the changes we have already made.