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Through our new multi-million pound Creative Industries Institute, we're collaborating with industry, government and civic partners to significantly increase employment in the Creative Industries sector, driving the development of new products, services and experiences.

At a Glance

Creative Industries Institute

The creative industry sector is forecast to grow to £128 billion by 2025 and generate one million new jobs by 2030. Ulster supporting this growing industry through our new multi-million pound Creative Industries Institute.

Virtual Production Facility

Investment in a new Virtual Production Facility (UViPrS).  Utilising Virtual Production will continue to be a growing trend, due to its benefits which include a reduced environmental impact and cost efficiency.

Unreal Academic Partner

Epic Games has awarded Unreal Academic Partner status to the Ulster Screen Academy, endorsing the Games Design and Animation programmes.

Unique Art and Design Shop

Ulster’s UNIQUE Art and Design Shop on the Belfast campus is an important learning space and a forum for creative exploration and enterprise.  UNIQUE provides an opportunity for artists to gain exposure, make professional connections and to sell their work.

Advanced Diploma in Social Enterprise

Our 'Advanced Diploma in Social Enterprise' supports the growth of the social sector by providing the much needed business skills to inspire, transform and enhance the competitiveness of potential and existing social enterprises in an often challenging marketplace.

DEX (Dairy Evolution NeXt)

DEX (Dairy Evolution NeXt) is a UK and Ireland dairy industry collaborative network who are collaborating to build a Sustainable Future for the Dairy Industry.

Northern Ireland Bioengineering Center

The Northern Ireland Bioengineering Center (NIBEC) carries out research across health technology, nanomaterials, optical technology, water systems, energy generation, plasma physics and tissue engineering.

Connected Health Innovation Centre

The Connected Health Innovation Centre (CHIC) is focused on business led research in the area of connected health and seeks to lead transformational research which aligns care needs with technology providers, researchers and clinical experience.

Institute for Fire Safety Engineering Research and Technology

The Institute for Fire Safety Engineering Research and Technology (FireSERT) is nationally and internationally recognised for its excellent research contribution to Fire Safety Engineering and Science as manifested with the award of several prestigious grants from the UK government and other funding agencies.