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Ulster University provides quality training to the next generation of health and social care professionals, with hundreds of our students entering the sector each year.

We are improving treatment success rates by introducing a personalised approach to treatment based on individual characteristics, rather than a one size fits all model and provide an environment where staff and student well-being is integrated into day-to-day practices.

At a Glance

School of Nursing

Ranked 7th in the UK and top 50 in the world. Ulster University’s School of Nursing educates over 900 nursing students each year.

School of Medicine

Ulster University opened the doors to its First Medical Students with a new School of Medicine at Magee Campus.

Clinical Translational Research and Innovation Centre

Our research team from the Clinical Translational Research and Innovation Centre (C-TRIC) in collaboration with Seagate and Dell Technologies Ireland will investigate if there are links between COVID 19 and genetic make-up.

Early signs of diabetic foot disease

The School of Computing are using the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence in detecting early signs of diabetic foot disease, enabling suffers to effectively manage the condition without hospitalisation.

Employee Wellbeing Strategy

The Employee Wellbeing Strategy sets out a 3 year plan to introduce and embed Wellbeing across all departments.

Student Wellbeing Team

Our Student Wellbeing Team help students in their time of need, 'it's ok to not be ok' provides students with assistance in a range of services.

Inspire Wellbeing Partnership

Ulster's Inspire Wellbeing Partnership brings expertise from our world-leading research into tangible collaborations with industry partners.

Wellbeing Garden

A new Wellbeing Garden has been installed on the Magee campus for students to walk through, relax and destress whilst enhancing the biodiversity of the campus.

Mind Your Mood

Mind Your Mood is an initiative designed for students, by students who have lived experience of mental health concerns.  Over £130,000 has been raised to date.