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No poverty

We all have a role to play in transforming our world, whether that's fighting inequalities or addressing climate change.

Our research is helping governments target those most in need of warmer & healthier homes.

An estimated 3000 people die in the UK each year because they are unable to heat their home to acceptable levels.

Our research and modelling is helping governments to target those most in need of warmer, healthier homes.

At a Glance

Rural-Led Energy Transition

We are leading the Rural-Led Energy Transition (RULET) Project on the integration of more renewable energy into the power grid alongside the Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE) and social housing tenants.

The initiative aims to reduce or eliminate the risk of low-income households being left behind in the transition to clean, smart, integrated energy systems.

The ‘Stand Up for Social Work’ Society

The ‘Stand Up for Social Work’ Society on the Magee campus has led Christmas fundraising drives over the past number of years raising funds for the Pantry Project.

The project also provides Social Work students with opportunities to get involved in their local communities and apply their skills and knowledge to tackling real issues.

Address period poverty

We are part of a one-year pilot project to address period poverty beginning in September 2021, period products being provided to students free of charge during the academic year.

Financial support and hardship funding

We offer financial support and hardship funding students who are experiencing financial difficulties.

‘Pack for Good’ campaign

We participate in the ‘Pack for Good’ campaign run by the British Heart Foundation.

Over 100 bags of unwanted clothes were collected from clothes banks at student accommodation.

Labour Market Intelligence Portal

Our Economic Policy Centre has developed a Labour Market Intelligence Portal (LMIP) designed to track the health of the Northern Ireland economy on a wide range of indicators.

SOS sleep out challenge

Our staff and students participate in the SOS sleep out challenge to raise essential funds for SOS NI to ensure it can continue supporting vulnerable individuals who find themselves in crisis on the streets of Belfast.

Modern Slavery Statement

Through our Modern Slavery Statement we commit to creating awareness and improving our practices to ensure that modern slavery and human trafficking does not occur in any part of our organisation or supply chain.