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Belfast community scholarships

Our commitment to greening our campuses, in conjunction with teaching and learning practices, creates sustainability-driven graduates who are socially aware with the skills needed to succeed in the modern workforce and beyond.

There are many ways that our students can develop knowledge and skills to solve global sustainability concerns.

Our teaching is driven by high quality research and real-world examples encouraging students to explore and tackle the biggest challenges in their discipline.

At a Glance

Access and success in higher education

The University works in partnership through schools and community outreach, to ensure that those who are the most able but least likely to participate, have fair opportunity to access and success in higher education.

Lifelong learning opportunities

Ulster provides a wide range of lifelong learning opportunities including distance learning, short courses, and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programmes.

Supporting accessibility of education

Committed to supporting accessibility of education, we offer a number of scholarships, bursaries and other financial support packages to students.

Schools Outreach Academy

The Schools Outreach Academy have developed a Sustainability Module outlining the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the role the university plays in contributing to the SDGs along with resources on COP26, the UN Conference on Climate Change.

Preparing young people for the challenges of the future

PhD research by Sarah McCann investigates how the curriculum in NI and Finland explores climate change, preparing young people for the challenges of the future.

Belfast Community Scholarships

Belfast Community Scholarships aim to increase access to higher education for new students entering undergraduate courses.

I'm Happy

The  IM HAPPY (IMproving Hopes, Aspirations, Potential and Prospects in the Youth) project from the Intelligent Systems Research Centre project aims to make residents more proficient and skilled in computing and creating the potential for employment, raising aspirations to consider further education as an alternative to unemployment.

Sustainability in fashion

A Belfast School of Art exhibition explored the issue of sustainability in fashion and investigated a number of models for future practice within the industry.

The school has also collaborated with Breda Academy on a school Partnerships funded project to raise awareness of re-using, recycling and local biodiversity.

Encouraging sustainable mindsets

Research project with Dr Susann Power, Dr Lynsey Hollywood and Dr Laura Wells from Ulster University Business School focuses on “Encouraging sustainable mindsets: embedding sustainability into the curriculum”.

Sustainability Workshop

Course Director for our MSc Advanced Accounting, Helen McGuffin designed a ‘Sustainability Workshop’ after completing the MEd Higher Education Practice module on sustainability.

Education for Sustainable Development

Information on Education for Sustainable Development is available on the Learning Enhancement website.