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At Ulster, the Centre for Sustainable Technologies (CST), the Centre for Engineering and Renewable Energies (CERE), and the Centre for Hydrogen Safety Research (HySAFER) all host researchers from across a wide range of disciplines, providing a platform for university-wide collaboration, innovation, impact and engagement.

At a Glance

Clean Energy

Along with developing heat pumps as an affordable & clean energy source, Ulster has introduced low carbon technologies within its estate.

These include wind turbines on our Coleraine campus, heat pumps on our Jordanstown campus & solar panels on all campuses.

Two 800KW wind turbines installed at Coleraine campus generate 800 tonnes of carbon savings and reduce campus electricity demand by 40%, while 20% exported to the local electricity supply grid provides savings to the university’s electricity bill.

Across all campuses, there are eight Solar Power Generation Systems with a total capacity of 180KW producing 140,000KWh of renewable electricity annually, equivalent to 40 tonnes of carbon savings.

More than 500 remotely monitored energy meters spread across all campuses, allowing real-time analysis of energy performance and energy savings.

Spire 2 Project

The SPIRE 2 project explores how homes and businesses can store renewable energy effectively, allowing very high levels of Renewable Energy to be integrated into power grids globally, at the same time as maximising the benefits to consumers.

SolaFin2Go Project

The SolaFin2Go project addresses the challenge of providing standalone solar systems to make available cost effective and affordable access to electricity and thermal hot water for off-grid households in sub-Saharan Africa.

Zero-In on NI-Heat

Zero-In on NI-Heat project is a multidisciplinary, women-led project that investigates opportunities and barriers on the road towards zero emission targets in heat sector. Zero-In on NI Heat has a focus on the indigenous features of Northern Ireland (NI).

Intelligent solar+storage systems

The SwanaSmartStore project aims to develop Intelligent solar+storage systems which provide reliable & affordable household energy access and sustainable support for weak and stressed electricity grids in Zimbabwe and Botswana.

Energy efficient modular façade system

CE-SEA is a R&D project for the development of an energy efficient modular façade system incorporating two innovative elements (CoPEG & HyPVT) which enable cost-effective building integrated heat and power generation to decarbonise community energy consumption.

Sustainable Hydrogen

Sustainable Hydrogen - Centre for Doctoral Training facilitates cutting edge investigations of hydrogen-based solutions to deep decarbonisation of the energy system.