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1 in 10 UK adults lived in households classified as marginally food insecure, with 10% reported living in households with moderate or severe food insecurity.

Our research aims to define, measure and map food poverty in Northern Ireland to inform policy.

At a Glance

Food Poverty

Research by Dr Sinéad Furey Ulster University Business School highlights that 1 in 3 experience at least one symptom of food poverty in Northern Ireland.

Nutrition Innovation Centre for Food and Health

Our Food and Nutrition graduates taught by academic staff from the Nutrition Innovation Centre for Food and Health (NICHE) have expertise in nutrition science and will help shape the future of nutrition in the food industry, government or research environments.

Centre for Excellent in Nutrition and Ageing

Our Centre for Excellent in Nutrition and Ageing (CENA) focuses on the role of nutrition in the promotion of better health and well-being in ageing.

Breakfast Club at Home

Ulster University students from Culinary Arts, Social Justice Hub and the Law Clinic partnered with the North Belfast Advice Partnership, which runs the North Belfast Food Bank and Lower North Belfast Family Support Hub, to tackle food poverty with the Breakfast Club at Home.

Hungry in Halls

The ‘Hungry in Halls’ initiative was introduced within Residential Services student accommodation.  Students were taught how to cook nutritious and tasty meals including vegetarian meals that have a lower environmental impact.

Reducing Waste

We reduce food waste and support those facing hunger through a number of measures including making regular collections of donations for local food banks.