Environmental Sustainabilty

Find out more about how the University is working to reduce its environmental impact.

The University is committed to reducing the environmental impact of its activities, students can ‘do their bit’ by adopting the following behaviours during their time at the University:-


  • Switch off lights and equipment (where it is safe to do so) when you have finished using them.


  • Reduce paper by reading documents on screen and only printing when necessary.
  • Reuse items where possible before placing in waste and recycling bins.
  • Recycle unwanted items such as clothes, mobile phones and books by donating to charity.



Get fit while saving on travel costs.

Campus cycle parking and shower facilities are available.

Use public transport (bus &/or train)

Translink, the main provider of public transport in Northern Ireland offers discounted travel products for students.

Car Share

The University has a dedicated, free to use, car share database which matches users with similar journeys.

Car sharing reduces the costs and stress of driving.

Further information on the University’s wider environmental sustainability efforts, including advice and guidance, can be found at www.ulster.ac.uk/sustainability.