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The Centre facilitates diverse PhD projects led by an active and stellar group of research students.

The School aims to create a stimulating environment for our PhD students by providing personal desk-space and resources to conduct fieldwork or participate in conferences, both locally and globally. To support the development and growth of PhD researchers, we invite them to participate in the daily life of the Centre through teaching experience, research events and knowledge exchange seminars. There are further opportunities to gain new skill and knowledge through a plethora of training programmes offered by the Doctoral College.

The University offers opportunities for research funding through an annual PhD studentship competition, open between December and February each year. The availability of studentships is subject to conditions on undergraduate and postgraduate experience of prospective candidates.

Current PhD researchers:

  • Stephen Murray
  • Hannah Davis
  • Alistair Scott McKinley
  • Michelle Rouse
  • Helen Foster
  • Francine Kennedy
  • Benoite Martin

Former PhD researchers:

  • Vanessa Gstrein