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Research governance is a process for managing research. Its purpose is to ensure that the University’s research is well-designed, led and conducted by suitably qualified and experienced people and complies with relevant policies and laws. It applies to all human research, and to regulated research in all areas.

Our UoA 20 filter committee is in place to ensure that where fieldwork research takes place, it is done so ethically.

Ethics Filter Committee

The members of the research ethics committee are:

  • Co-chair: Dr Una Convery
  • Co-chair: Dr Philip McDermott
  • Deputy chair: Dr Karl O’Connor (Research Director)
  • Dr Paula McFadden / Dr Julie Harris / Campbell Killick
  • Elizabeth McArdle / Dr Jennifer Hamilton / Dr Gráinne Kelly
  • Dr Brian Payne / Dr Linda Moore / Prof Patricia Lundy
  • Dr Máire Braniff / Dr Cillian McGrattan / Prof Kris Lasslett
  • Dr Breda Friel / Dr Niall Gilmartin / Emma McGinnis /  Dr Donna McQuillan.
  • Dr Johanne Devlin Trew / Dr Aisling McLaughlin/ Dr Fiona Bloomer
  • Dr Brendan Coyle / Dr Gabrielle Nugent Stephens / Dr Michelle Rouse
  • Dr Alexandra Chapman