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Mathematical achievement is important for children’s future educational success, employment opportunities and health outcomes. However, it is recognised that there is substantial underachievement in this subject.

There is a growing body of evidence that assesses the impact of interventions on mathematical achievement.

In this project we carried out a rigorous review of research that investigated the outcomes of classroom-based mathematical interventions that were targeted at primary school-aged children.

The review assessed whether the interventions had an effect on mathematical achievement, attitudes or anxiety.

Importantly, these interventions did not focus on children with mathematical learning difficulties, instead the information from this review is relevant for the majority of children in mainstream classroom settings.

This project was led by:

  • Dr Victoria Simms (Ulster University) with Dr Camilla Gilmore (Loughborough University)
  • Dr Seaneen Sloan (University College Dublin) and Dr Clare McKeaveney (Queen's University Belfast)

The project was funded by the Nuffield Foundation.

In this section

Project Aims image

Project Aims

Why focus on mathematical interventions?

Evidence-based Education image

Evidence-based Education

Increasingly educational commentators have suggested that policy and practice should be informed by the best available evidence.

What is a Systematic Review? image

What is a Systematic Review?

A systematic review is a rigorous process that allows researchers to identify and synthesise studies on a specific topic.

Review Findings image

Review Findings

This review includes studies that assess the outcomes of interventions aimed at improving mathematical achievement in primary school-aged children.

Summary of mathematical interventions image

Summary of mathematical interventions

This section provides detail information on each identified study in the review. You may wish to search this table to find studies that assess interventions.

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