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Research facilities

Recent £1.3 million investment in the School of Psychology infrastructure has enabled us to develop state-of-the-art research laboratories:

  • Human Performance and Exercise Laboratory

    The Human Performance and Exercise Laboratory contains a h/p/cosmos Quasar Med treadmill, on-line metabolic and cardiovascular analysis capabilities (Cortex Metalyzer 3B Spiroergometry system), and biological measurement facilities (capillary blood analysis: Lactate Pro 2 test meter).

  • The Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory

    The Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory contains brain stimulation equipment including a Magstim stimulator that allows for the investigation of brain activity using magnetic stimuli and HDC tDCS kit which allows for the modulation of brain excitability.

    The lab contains both wired and wireless electromyography (EMG) equipment, allowing muscle activity from a range of muscles to be recorded, and this can be used within the lab or in conjunction with other labs I.e. The Human Performance and Exercise Laboratory.

    The B-ALERT EEG system provides multiple options for data synchronization, data quality monitoring, and feedback of brain activity. A fully immersive, interactive virtual reality set-up includes the HTC Vive Pro Eye Head-mounted display with integrated eye-tracking and five body motion sensors to track bodily movements in real time.

  • The Behavioural Insights Laboratory

    The Behavioural Insights Laboratory includes 3 eye trackers (2x SMI and 1 x TOBII Spectrum with TOBII glasses). In addition, a full TEA Biometric kit is also interfaced with the TOBII eye tracker, including GSR, ECG recording capacity.

  • Data Analytics Centre

    The Data Analytics Centre includes an ESRC-funded SafePod (a secure data setting). The SafePod contains CCTV camera fittings, high speed internet access and a work-station which ensures secure and remote access to high level data.

    SafePod information and booking

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The SafePod Network (SPN) is an exciting development in the way that administrative and other sensitive datasets can be accessed.


The Sport Performance Optimized by Research and Technology (SPORT) Lab is located at Ulster University Sports Village.