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Cross-border Healthcare Intervention Trials In Ireland Network

Cross-border Healthcare Intervention Trials In Ireland Network (CHITIN) is a cross-border partnership between the Public Health Agency (Northern Ireland) and the Health Research Board (Republic of Ireland).

The CHITIN project aims to aid the prevention and cure of illness and improve health and wellbeing of people living in Northern Ireland and the border region of Ireland.

Ulster University is lead partner on four of the CHITIN trials:


A Randomised Controlled Trial to evaluate the effectiveness of mirror box therapy in upper limb rehabilitation with sub-acute Stroke patients, led by Dr Alison Porter-Armstrong.

Student Psychological Intervention Trial (SPIT)

Assessing the risk and protective factors for psychopathology in undergraduate students in Ulster University and LYIT, led by Dr Elaine Murray.


The feasibility of a walking intervention to increase activity and reduce sedentary behaviour in people with serious mental illness, led by Professor Suzanne McDonough.

The Walking In ScHools (WISH) Trial

A peer-led, school based walking intervention for adolescent girls, led by Professor Marie Murphy.


The CHITIN project is funded from the EU's INTERREG VA programme of €8.84m (incl. 15% contribution from the Department of Health in NI and ROI) that had been awarded to the HSC Research & Development Division of the Public Health Agency NI and to the Health Research Board in ROI for the CHITIN project.