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Project Team

  • Prof. Bob Welch
    Professor Emeritus, School of English, History and Politics
  • Prof. John Wilson
    Directory of Institute of Ulster Scots Studies, School of Communication.
  • Frank Reynolds
    Arts Librarian, University of Ulster Coleraine
  • Laura Spence
    Director Ulster Scots Programming, BBC NI
  • Dr. Gerry Carruthers
    Director, Centre for Robert Burns Studies, University of Glasgow
  • Dr. Carol Baraniuk
    Researcher, Ulster Poetry Project
  • Dr. Averill Buchanan
    Project Advisor, Researcher on Robert Southey Letters Project at the University of Nottingham
  • Dr. Bruce Stewart
    Reader in Irish Literature.
  • Alister McReynolds
    Honorary Fellow, Institute of Ulster Scots Studies.
  • Dr. Allan Blackstock
    Reader in Irish History.
  • Dr. Billy Kelly
    Senior Lecturer in Irish History
  • Adrian Henderson (tech)
    Web Design