People within Ulster Poetry Project

List of the people involved in this project

Project Team

Prof. Bob Welch
Professor Emeritus, School of English, History and Politics

Prof. John Wilson
Directory of Institute of Ulster Scots Studies, School of Communication.

Frank Reynolds
Arts Librarian, University of Ulster Coleraine

Laura Spence
Director Ulster Scots Programming, BBC NI

Dr. Gerry Carruthers
Director, Centre for Robert Burns Studies, University of Glasgow

Dr. Carol Baraniuk
Researcher, Ulster Poetry Project

Dr. Averill Buchanan
Project Advisor, Researcher on Robert Southey Letters Project at the University of Nottingham

Dr. Bruce Stewart
Reader in Irish Literature.

Alister McReynolds
Honorary Fellow, Institute of Ulster Scots Studies..

Dr. Allan Blackstock
Reader in Irish History.

Dr. Billy Kelly
Senior Lecturer in Irish History

Adrian Henderson (tech)
Web Design