Oxford History of the Irish Book

Details on the Oxford History of the Irish Book

The Oxford History of the Irish Book is a major series that charts the development of the book in Ireland from its origins within an early medieval manuscript culture to its current incarnation alongside the rise of digital media in the twenty-first century. This page has been created to provide information about the published and forthcoming volumes in the series and to act as a focus for the ongoing research into Irish Book History that is being conducted at the University of Ulster and its associates.

The Oxford History of the Irish Book is a landmark undertaking in scholarship, and will result in five volumes of outstanding bibliographical and literary research. The series is edited by Professor Welch and Professor Brian Walker of Queen’s University, Belfast.

General Editors

Professor Robert Anthony Welch
Professor Brian Walker

Volume III: The Irish Book in English, 1550-1800

Edited by Raymond Gillespie and Andrew Hadfield has already been published and volumes II, IV and V are in process of being published and should be available in 2010. To date volume III has attracted excellent reviews, and has been described as:

"...outstandingly good...the volume will provide a mine of information for scholars from many disciplines, a source of fascination and profit for all readers, and a challenge to the editors of the remaining four volumes to match or indeed surpass its achievement."

(Ian Campbell Ross, The Library, Vol. 8, No. 2 )

"This volume is significant in the emerging history of the Irish book. It will stimulate discussion on the nature of Irish book history and its future."

(Aileen Douglas, Trinity College Dublin)

"This collection will be an indispensable reference tool for those looking for details of its influence on politics, religion, science, or society at large."

(Matthew Jenkinson, Journal of British Studies.)