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  • Strength in Places - Belfast Maritime Consortium helping to build zero emissions ferries

    A Belfast Maritime Consortium led by Artemis Technologies and as a core partner with Ulster University has secured a £33 million UK Government innovation grant to develop zero emissions ferries in the city that will revolutionise the future of maritime transport. The 13 partner syndicate - which is a mix of established and young companies, including Belfast Harbour and Bombardier, academia and local public bodies - is the only Northern Irish or maritime recipient of the UK Research and Innovation flagship Strength in Places Fund.

  • EPSRC Future Composites Manufacturing Research Hub

    Edward Archer and CIMComp, Controlled Micro Integration of Through Thickness Polymeric Yarns. Research at Ulster University has focussed on the design and development of through thickness reinforcements (generally 3D woven – recently through EU (ICONIC, MARINCOMP), NIAECC etc.). A recent project (EPSRC grant EP/L02697X/1) developed tailored through-thickness fibre reinforced extruded/drawn thermoplastic monofilament yarns which were stitched/ tufted into preforms; this work showed improved properties in open-hole tension and toughness. Further research is ongoing with the EPSRC Future Composites Manufacturing Research Hub

  • The Northwest Centre for Advance Manufacturing (NWCAM)

    A current project is creating an Advanced Manufacturing super cluster combining the collective and complimentary strengths of Ulster University, Glasgow University, Sligo Institute of Technology and Letterkenny Institute of Technology, co-ordinated by Catalyst Inc. (North West Centre for Advanced Manufacturing). In conjunction with eight regional Life and Health Sciences companies the project facilitates research into advanced manufacturing technologies developing 15 new products/processes which will strengthen the Regional economy. (Value of 8.4M Euro). This work had led to breakthroughs in 3D printed Micro and Nano-structured composite-based 3D scaffolds for tissue engineering applications.

  • Royal Academy Industrial Fellowship

    Alistair McIlhagger, Ulster University and Bombardier MODATex – Multi-optimisation and development of advanced textile composites. McIlhagger collaborated with Bombardier to develop new composite structures that can sustain high and complex multi-axial loadings. These composites will be designed using 3D woven carbon dry fire preforms together with combinations of other fibre placement technologies.

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