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Fire Structural Research

The structural research group at Ulster University has developed three significant and complementary areas.

The principal area is the experimental evaluation of the structural behaviour in fire of a variety of materials and structural assemblies.

The second area is the study of the correlation between thermo-structural response and the quantification of thermal onslaught and transmission, seeking definitions of fire severity on structures.

The third area is the development of a Finite Element Model for Structures in Buildings in fire conditions.

Expertise and Fire Consultancy


  • Fire safety structures for transportation: buses, trains, planes and ships
  • Progressive collapse assessment of tall buildings due to fire
  • Structural behaviour under extreme and accidental loading
  • Green issues, sustainability, building performance and use
  • Fire spread and its effects on structural behaviour
  • Fire safety for underground tunnels
  • Protection of heritage buildings
  • Composite flooring systems
  • Fire compartmentation in buildings
  • Glazing Fire facade for high rise buildings
  • Structures fire protection
  • Industrial fire protection
  • Modelling intumescent protection
  • Fire behaviour in compartment buildings
  • Finite element analysis of fire structures
  • Fire Disasters

Fire Consultancy

Building architects, owners and managers must ensure that new existing buildings meet regulatory requirements aimed at protecting buildings, building users, and the surrounding environment. Identifying and minimising fire risks can be a complex and technically demanding task.
With over 30 years of experience in research we can work with you on a diverse range of issues including:

  • Fire safety design
  • Fire engineering design
  • Fire modelling
  • Fire testing and research
  • Fire risk assessment
  • Fire Investigation
  • Expert witness