Architects of Change

Funder: Belfast City Council, Ulster University

Duration: 01 Jan 2021 to 01 June 2022

Staff Involved: Prof Aoife Houlihan Wiberg, Dr J Mondol

Supporting Belfast’s draft Resilience Strategy’s ambition for ‘an inclusive, low-carbon, climate-resilient economy in a generation’, Architects of Change puts students from The Belfast School of Architecture and the Built Environment at the heart of developing and delivering a training programme to business leaders across the region.

Leading academics will work with students on strategies for smart cities, zero emission definition and delivery aiming to address how gaps in knowledge and skill can be addressed through training.

This training programme will support business leaders to access the relevant knowledge to deliver environmentally, socially sustainable practice within their organisations.

Longer term, the project will deliver innovative concepts for design, planning, construction and management of climate resilient, net zero emission buildings and communities.

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