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The Athena Swan Charter recognises advancement of gender equality: representation, progression and success for all.

The Charter was established in 2005 to encourage women in science, technology, engineering, maths and medicine (STEMM) subjects.

Since then it has expanded to recognise work undertaken in arts, humanities, social sciences, business and law (AHSSBL).

The charter also recognises work undertaken to address gender equality more broadly and not just barriers to progression that affect women.

This University has been highly committed to the principles that underpin the Athena Swan Charter for many years and is delighted to have that commitment recognised by an institution wide Athena Swan Bronze Award in April 2014 which was renewed in April 2017.

School Awards

Eleven schools at Ulster currently hold Athena Swan awards.

  1. The School of Psychology holds a Silver award
  2. The School of Engineering holds a Silver award
  3. The School of Nursing holds a Silver award
  4. The Belfast School of Architecture and the Built Environment holds a Bronze award
  5. The School of Health Sciences holds a Bronze award
  6. The School of Biomedical Sciences holds a Bronze award
  7. The School of Geography and Environmental Sciences holds a Bronze award
  8. The School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences holds a Bronze award
  9. The School of Sport holds a Bronze award
  10. The School of Computing holds a Bronze award
  11. The School of Computing, Engineering and Intelligent Systems holds a Bronze award

For further information or if you wish to become involved in Athena Swan through the Athena Swan Committee or the Champions Network please contact Jonathan Matchett, Athena Swan Support Assistant.

Role Models

The University is committed to promoting positive role models to all staff and students.

At the Gender Equality in STEMM: The Future is Bright conference on the 11 October 2016 a number of case studies were presented show casing the careers and achievements of women in science at Ulster University.

Returning Carers' Scheme

As part of Ulster University’s Athena Swan Action Plan (2023-2028), a Returning Carers’ Scheme (RCS) has been established to support all academic and research staff on return from extended leave (normally 4 months or more) for reasons connected to caring - such as adoption leave, additional paternity leave, maternity leave, or leave to care for a dependant.

The Scheme aims to assist the career and professional development of individuals affected by periods of leave for caring responsibilities. The Scheme offers funds to support academic activity and build up the research profiles of those going on, or returning from, a period away from work.

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