Who are we and What do we do?

Working together as one to aspire and inspire, the BAME+ Network seeks to identify, address and find solutions to the disparities, needs, priorities and concerns of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic staff and students, so that the BAME community in the University feel represented, appreciated and have equal opportunities.

The Network places equality, diversity and inclusion at the heart of everything it does, with particular emphasis on integration, wellbeing and success of all members.

The Network comprises of BAME members of staff, students, friends and allies of BAME individuals and groups, including alumni of Ulster University.

Key Contacts

For more information on how to get involved, please contact bamenetwork@ulster.ac.uk

Our Network Stucture

The BAME+ Network consists of the Network Board, the main decision-making body of the Network. Working Groups feed into the Network Board to support the Network's ambitions.

These Working Groups focus on the following themes:

  • Career, Opportunities and Development

    To identify and address barriers, biases and discriminations in career opportunities, development and progression for students and staff within UU, be it at boards, recruitment processes (overt or unconscious bias) and employment and workplace practices, regardless of their academic rank.

  • Academic and Workplace

    The students wing of the Ulster University (UU) BAME+ Network in collaboration with all the other five working groups aims to enrich the experience of both international and local students by introducing them to opportunities that would enhance and develop their competencies.

    Students are at the heart of any academic institution as ours. As such, students across all the campuses of UU are encouraged to get involved in activities that would enable them to thrive through effective talent development programmes, mental health and wellbeing programmes as well as initiatives that promote diversity, equity and inclusion. This in turn would enable students contribute meaningfully to society for an exciting and sustainable future.

  • Communication and Networking

    The Communications and Networking Working Group aims to raise awareness of the BAME+ Network, its members, activities and achievements, via communications and networking events, both online and on campus.

    Our vision it to promote and enhance the experience of the BAME+ Network, by connecting the network with our local communities, encouraging collaborations as well as organising celebratory events based on ethnic and minority public and religious holidays.

  • Membership and Community

    The focus of Membership & Community Working Group is to organise intercultural and community events at university. Idea of such events, organised by BAME+ Network in collaboration with other departments, centres, societies, and services of the university, is to connect BAME+ and international students and staff with local students and staff in the university and local community.

    Such events are very important as they not only facilitate in raising cultural awareness by bringing staff, students, and local community together and learn about different cultures and traditions, but they also help in building new friendships and collaborations and learn about different opportunities to work together. This is especially important for our international community who are away from their home country.

  • Family Lifestyle and Wellbeing

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