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Staff within the School strive to ensure the best quality of teaching at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels and beyond.

Undergraduate study

Find out what courses we have available for undergraduate students at School of Biomedical Sciences.

Postgraduate study

Take a look at what postgraduate courses we have on offer at School of Biomedical...

eLearning courses

School of Biomedical Sciences offers e-learning courses allowing you to study anywhere.

PhD Opportunities

PhD opportunities are advertised within the Doctoral College.

Subject Areas

Bio & Healthcare Sciences

Wide range of degrees to study human health and understand how the human body functions...

Optometry & Vision Science

Develop the skills and knowledge you need to become an optometrist or increase your clinical...

Food, Nutrition & Dietetics

Study the importance of food and nutrition for health and wellbeing with excellent opportunities in...

Stratified Medicine

Stratified medicine, also known as personalised medicine, is at the cutting edge of a new...

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