Student Account holds or Account disabled

Why have I received a message that my Student Account is disabled?

When attempting login to the student network and you are notified that your student account has become disabled, it is due to various internal situations such as Unpaid Fees, or Leaver Status

Unpaid Fees

All fees must be paid by the due date, otherwise you risk having access to various IT and Library services disabled.

Students with unpaid tuition fees will be notified by email that their access to University IT and Library services is at risk. As per normal University practice, this email will be sent to the registered University email account - therefore, students are reminded that this account should be accessed regularly. Students with unpaid accommodation fees will be notified by email, via the email address registered on the Residential Services e-application system.

Students with unpaid examination resit fees should refer to their green Communication of Results form sent from their Course Director.

Students should resolve outstanding fee issues during this notification period, otherwise their account will be disabled. Accounts that have been disabled can be promptly re-activated, once the outstanding fees issue has been resolved.

Unpaid Fees Contact Information
Reason for HoldSolution
Outstanding Tuition Fee

Contact Fees Office

Tel: 028 7012 4252 or

Outstanding Exam Resit Fee

Contact your campus Examinations Office (as follows):

Jordanstown & Belfast
Tel: 028 9036 6422 or

Tel: 028 7012 4061 or

Tel: 028 7167 5479 or

Outstanding Accommodation Fee

Tel: 028 7012 3271 or

Tel: 028 9036 6239 or

Tel: 028 7130 9963 or

Or alternatively, you can pay online.

Leaver Status

Students considered to be a 'Leaver' will also have their network account disabled at certain times during the academic year, as follows:

Leaver Status Information
Possible Reasons for Leaver StatusSolution
You may not have successfully completed online enrolment or you have been coded as an Early Leaver or have had your enrolment suspended for any reason*

Contact your campus Registry Office:

Jordanstown & Belfast
Tel: 028 9036 6251 or

Tel: 028 7012 4221 or

Tel: 028 7167 5258 or

You may not have been successful in completing your course Contact your Course Director. Accounts will be disabled 5 weeks following application of an unsuccessful code
You have successfully completed your course Accounts are normally disabled following winter graduation for all students who have completed in the academic year

*if you return on the same or a different course, your account will be automatically re-activated

If you believe your Student Account has been disabled in error

If you cannot get logged into the student network (or any service using the same login details) and you believe that none of the above reasons apply, please contact either the relevant campus Information Point or the Service Desk

However, if you know you are a leaver or are on-hold correctly due to outstanding fees, please do not contact the Digital Services IT Service Desk requesting the account is manually re-enabled for any reason as this is not possible.