Student IT Account At Risk

Outstanding Fees Disablement Warning. Please do not ignore this important information regarding your University IT account.

Dear Student,

Please be advised that your Student IT Account is currently at risk of being disabled due to an outstanding fees related issue.

Failure to resolve this issue will lead in the near future to the withdrawal of your IT and Library services, until the outstanding balance is received.

You will have been sent an email outlining what you should do to prevent this, so please check your University Office 365 email account as soon as possible. If you cannot find the email easily, please search your mailbox for "Fees".

For further online information, including contact details, please also refer to the link below:

Disabling Student Accounts due to outstanding fees

If your account is disabled, you must resolve the issue with the fees before the account can be re-enabled, which will occur shortly after the outstanding balance is received.

Please do not contact the Digital Services IT Service Desk requesting the account is manually re-enabled for any reason as this is not possible. See the link above for relevant contact details.

Thank you for your attention.

Digital Services, Ulster University