Student Monitoring

Ulster University is required to monitor the attendance and/or the visa status of any overseas students registered for study at the University.

The responsibilities of the student and the University vary depending upon the type of visa that the student is registered on.

Research students who are on any type of visa other than Tier 4 will be required to provide their current visa and in-date passport at registration each year, and must notify the University of any change in visa status.

The University has to comply with the Home Office regulations and is obliged to report any students who break the conditions of their Student Visa or who do not engage in full time study.

sessions

Research students who are sponsored by the University under a Tier 4 visa are required to sign-in with their School Office every two weeks on a day stipulated by the School Office.

These sign-in sessions are mandatory and are a condition of continued sponsorship of a Tier 4 visa.

Students who miss a sign-in session due to illness must inform the School Office and provide a letter or medical certificate from the University nurse or doctor for the attendance file.

Students who plan to miss any sign-in sessions or be absent from the University for any period of time must gain approval for this before booking any travel by completing an Authorised Absence Form.

Research students will continue to sign-in every two weeks throughout the whole year apart from one week and Christmas and one week at Easter.

Annual leave

Research students are permitted to take 40 days of leave each academic year, this 40 days includes days when the University is closed.

Working / Employment

Research students are restricted on the hours they can work as well as the type of work they may undertake, further information on this can be sought by contacting the Doctoral College.

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