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The Centre for Public Administration is housed within the School of Applied Social and Policy Sciences. It is an internationally leading research institute, recognised for its local as well as global impact in policy and public administration. The work of the Centre is interdisciplinary in nature, coalescing expertise from a range of disciplines including social policy, public administration, sociology, education, conflict studies, social work, political science, criminology etc. We are committed to high-quality, impact driven research to enhance policy and public administration.

Our global outreach is reflected in our work in Central Asia, the Middle East and the European Union. Our research explores issues related to social justice, democracy, education, policy making, administrative practice and contested societies. This orientation is further present locally, in Northern Ireland and the UK as a whole, through our work on education policy, Brexit, health policy and administrative reform. Through this work we aim to support policymakers, public administration practitioners and civil society.

The Centre offers Northern Ireland’s only Master of Public Administration (MPA) programme. MPA teaching is research-led, with most modules based on the primary research of the module coordinator. Together with input from expert practitioners: local government chief executives, deputy and permanent secretaries, and leading NGO directors, the course balances theory and practice to ensure students receive the best possible direction for their studies and careers.


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Emeritus Professors

Professor Colin Knox

Emeritus Professor of Comparative Public Policy
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03A19 - Jordanstown Campus