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Staff, postgraduate students and external visitors with an interest in linguistics are invited to attend our seminar sessions.

These seminars, which focus on aspects of research, methods, and theory, are primarily for presenting research; they may include talks on new projects or general discussions on a nominated topic (led by a speaker). Sessions normally take place on Fridays at 10.00am BST, either in person or via Zoom.

If you would like to join our mailing list and receive news of upcoming seminars, please contact Morgan Macleod.

Upcoming seminars

The schedule for next semester will be released in September.

Previous seminars:


  • 17 May 2024 - Nigel Duffield (Konan University): The Old Man Knows the Exceptions: What L2 Learners Know about Partial Rules in English Short Questions
  • 19 April 2024 - Nino Grillo (University of York): The Prosodic Disambiguation of Nested Garden-Path Sentences
  • 22 March 2024 - Gaëlle Le Corre (Univ Brest, CRBC, Brest, France): BBC Sesh and the Representation of Welsh Youth and Identity
  • 8 March 2024 - Christina Sevdali (Ulster University): High and Low Arguments in Northern and Pontic Greek
  • 9 February 2024 - Lysa Owen (Ulster University): Lessons from JRR Tolkien: What Can Medical Simulation Learn? / Winners and Losers: Metaphors in Simulation


  • 15 December 2023 - Emma Nguyen (Newcastle University): Acquisition of the Passive in English-Learning Children from Different Socio-Economic Statuses: A Comparison Using Computational Cognitive Modeling
  • 30 November 2023 - Michelle Sheehan (Newcastle University): Null objects in UK Heritage Portuguese
  • 17 November 2023 - Valentina Brunetto (University of Leeds): Principle B and Self-Ascription: Evidence from Children’s Interpretation of Epithets
  • 20 October 2023 - Qiuhao (Charlie) Yan (QMUL): Revisiting Resultative Verb Doubling Constructions in Mandarin Chinese
  • 6 October 2023 - Shannon Doherty (Ulster University): Language as a ‘Bridge’: The Role of Language in Finding a Sense of Belonging for Newcomers in a Deeply Divided Society
  • 5 May 2023 - Theresa Biberauer (University of Cambridge): The Edge of Chaos in Acquisition, Variation and Change: A Minimalist Perspective
  • 21 April 2023 - Richard Stockwell (Ulster University): Recoverability and Identity are Dissociable in Double Ellipsis
  • 31 March 2023 - Nicole Marinaro (Ulster University): Sociolinguistic Justice and Language Barriers: Exploring Linguistic Unease in Healthcare Contexts
  • 24 March 2023 - Xiaomeng Ma (CUNY): Testing the Tolerance Principle
  • 24 March 2023 - Victoria Singer (Ulster University): Developing and Testing a New Dynamic Assessment of Late Talkers’ Word-Learning
  • 3 March 2023 - Julie Gerard (Ulster University) & Dara McDaniel (University of Southern Maine): Adjunct Control in Children Is Predicted by Working Memory (But Not Inhibitory Control)
  • 24 February 2023 - Idan Landau (Ben-Gurion University): Force Mismatch in Clausal Ellipsis


  • 9 December 2022 - Silvia Sánchez Calderón (National University of Distance Education and University of Valladolid Language Acquisition Lab) & Raquel Fernández Fuertes (University of Valladolid Language Acquisition Lab): Working with Gorilla Experiment Builder for the Design of Experimental Projects in Linguistics
  • 2 December 2022 - Silvia Sánchez Calderón (National University of Distance Education and University of Valladolid Language Acquisition Lab) & Raquel Fernández Fuertes (University of Valladolid Language Acquisition Lab): On the Acquisition of Spanish Complex Dative Predicates by English-Spanish Bilinguals Who Are Exposed to Two Types of Input: Family Context and Society (L1 Spanish Bilinguals) vs Family Context (Heritage Spanish Bilinguals)
  • 4th November 2022 - Mary Robinson (University of Newcastle): Variable Negative Concord in English and the Social Meaning of Syntactic Variation
  • 28 October 2022 - Aliya Ismagilova (University of Cadiz): The Linguistic Landscapes of Kazan and Belfast
  • 13 May 2022 - Leanne Henderson (Queens University Belfast): “The Tests and the Amount of Pressure Made Me Not Choose a Language”: Young People's Perspectives on Language Continuation in Northern Ireland
  • 6 May 2022 - Bogdana Humă (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam): Little Words That Make a Big Difference: When-Formulated Sales Requests to Prospective Customers Are More Effective Than If-Formulated Sales Requests
  • 14 April 2022 - Adrian Kerrison (Linköpings Universitet): Nothing to Shout About: Mutual Understanding, Response Relevance, and Cheering for Make-Believe
  • 1 April 2022 - Howard Jones (University of Oxford) & Morgan Macleod (Ulster University): The Perfect in Homer: A Synchronic Functional Account
  • 11 March 2022 - Susan Logue (Ulster University): Individual Difference Factors and Linguistic Complexity in Sequential Bilingual Acquisition
  • 25 February 2022 - Ann Weatherall (University of Roehampton): Verbal and Embodied Co-productions in Feminist Self-Defence Classes and Women’s Empowerment
  • 11 February 2022 - Anik Nandi (Universiteit Leiden): Transnational Migration & Heritage Language Maintenance in Northern Ireland: Ideologies, Management and Practices


  • 10 December 2021 - Jessica Robles (Loughborough University): The Morality of Descriptions of Addiction in Online Interactions
  • 26 November 2021 - Deirdre Dunlevy (Ulster University): Exploring the Linguistic Landscapes of Northern Spain: Understanding Policies in the Public Space
  • 12 November 2021 - Jim Wood (Yale University): Syntax of verbal nouns
  • 29 October 2021 - Julie Gerard (Ulster University): Acquiring Syntactic Dependencies
  • 15 October 2021 - Ailís Cournane (NYU): Maybe as a Window into Conceptual and Linguistic Development in 2-year-olds
  • 1 October 2021 - Kelsey Campolong (Ulster University): These Cameras Won’t Show the Crowds: Conspiracy Theories and the Manipulation of Truth in Trumpian Discourse
  • 28 June 2021 - Valentina Colasanti (Trinity College Dublin): Not Everything Changes: Acquisition Failure and Microparameter Change
  • 24 May 2021 - Karen Corrigan (Newcastle University): Old-Goers-Out and New-Comers-In: The Past and the Present of Language, Migration and Identity in Ulster
  • 10 May 2021 - Clare Cunningham (York St John University): Students’ (Dis)agentic and (Dis)empowered Discourses about Ecological Justice
  • 26 April 2021 - Christina Sevdali & Morgan Macleod (Ulster University): Indirect Passives in English and Greek
  • 12 April 2021 - Bryan Donaldson (University of California, Santa Cruz): Clitic Position in Medieval Gallo-Romance Coordinated Clauses: Clause Structure and Illocutionary Force
  • 22 March 2021 - Marc Olivier Loiseau (Ulster University): The Rise of Infinitival Proclisis in French Is Independent from the Loss of Clitic Climbing: Evidence from a Corpus of Legal Texts
  • 8 March 2021 - Marco Pino (Loughborough University): Responding to Complaints about Family and Friends in a Bereavement Support Group
  • 22 February 2021 - Jack Joyce (Ulster University) & Linda Walz (Leeds Trinity University): “You’re not acting like a Brexiteer”: Brexit Category Divisions and Antagonism
  • 25 January 2021 - Dániel Z. Kádár (Hungarian Academy of Sciences): Contrastive Pragmatics – An Overview of RFIE Theory


  • 18 May 2020 - Frances Kane (QUB): The Northern Ireland Place-Name Project
  • 27 April 2020 - Guest Lecture. Ciara O’Toole (University College Cork): Developing assessments for Irish–English bilinguals
  • 30 March 2020 - Jacopo Romoli (Ulster University): Negative free choice
  • 23 March 2020 - Julie Gerard (Ulster University): Subjects and the input in language acquisition
  • 10 February 2020 - Francesca La Morgia (Ulster University): Bringing linguistics into the primary classroom: The Language Explorers experience
  • 20 January 2020 - Michele Gazzola (Ulster University): The Economics of Languages and the Evaluation of Language Policy: An Overview