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Current and previous research projects

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TOOLS – Completed phase of CLIL Project

CLIL Open Online Learning

CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning).

Maritime Memorates

The Maritime Memorates Project: Stories of the Sea

Case in Diachrony

This project seeks to investigate two interrelated topics: how languages or dialects vary from each other, and why and how morphological expression of syntactic roles such as subject and object varies.

Language Made Fun

The Language Made Fun programme

Language Awareness for Key Stage 3

Developing language awareness teaching resources for post-primary schools

Real Complaints

Enhancing the NHS Complaints Journey

Language Acquisition and Language Processing

Research projects investigating how language is represented, processed, and acquired.


ENhancing Social Participation across IREland for people with communication Disabilities and differences


A study of the leading Irish language voluntary organisation, Conradh na Gaeilge


Cultural Dynamics in Medieval Ulster and Beyond: A Shared Inheritance

Ulster Irish Digital Corpus

Digitisation and Online Publication of Spoken Dialects