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Given the academic nature of the strand, project research falls mainly into research publications and articles:

Stephen Baker

The British Media and Bloody Sunday co-authored with Greg McLaughlin, (Bristol: Intellect Books, 2015)

“‘Every man an emperor’: the British press, Bloody Sunday and the image of the British Army” co-authored with Greg McLaughlin in Graham Dawson, Stephen Hopkins and Jo Dover (eds) The Northern Ireland Troubles in Britain: Impacts, engagements, legacies and memories (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2016)

‘“Victory doesn’t always look the way other people imagine it.” Post-conflict cinema in Northern Ireland’, in Claire Molloy (ed.) Routledge Companion to Film and Politics (London: Routledge, 2016)

‘From Belfast to Bamako: cinema in the era of capitalist realism’ co-authored with Greg McLaughlin, in Barry Monaghan (ed.) Irish cinema (London: Palgrave, 2016)

‘Loyalism on film and out of context’, in Thomas Paul Burgess and Gareth Mulvenna (ed) (2015) The Contested Identities of Ulster Protestants (London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015) pp. 83-97

Gail Baylis

‘Con Colbert’s portrait: the lives of a photograph’, History of Photography  

‘The Easter Rising 1916: photography and memory’, in The Dynamics of Memory: Transitions and Transformations, eds Marguerite Corporaal, Christopher Cusack and Ruud van den Beuken, Oxford: Peter Lang (December 2016).

‘Boy culture and Ireland 1916’, Early Popular Visual Culture 11:3 (August 2015), 192-208. ‘Remembering to Forget: Marginalised Visual Narratives in the Irish Nation Narrative’, Kynmpa/Culture 7 (2014), 123-135.

‘Gender in the Frame: photography and the performance of the nation narrative in early twentieth-century Ireland’, Irish Studies Review 22:2 (May 2014), 184-206.

‘A Few Too Many Photographs? Indexing Digital Histories’, History of Photography 38: 1 (February 2014), 3-20.

Book review: Photographs, Museums, Collections: Between Art and Information, eds Elizabeth Edwards and Christopher Morton, London: Bloomsbury (2015), History of Photography (June 2016)

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Catalogue essay: Trish Morrissey, ‘Ten people in a Suitcase’, Source (September 2016).

Professor Sarah Edge


Jolene Mairs-Dyer

Mairs Dyer, J. (2016/17) ‘Women’s Political Visualisation of Post-Conflict North Belfast’. In: Atay, A. and Brower, J. (eds.) Separately Together: Ethnographic Engagements of the City. USA: Lexington Books. [Book section]

Barrios-O’Neill, D., Hook, A., Mairs Dyer, J. (2016/17) ‘Making a Murderer: ‘Tracing a Transmedia Topology of the Text’.  VIEW - Journal of European Television History and Culture. [Journal Article]

Mairs Dyer. J. and Cowan, L. (2016/17) World Cinema Club: experiential cinema and community cohesion in ‘post’-conflict Belfast. [Journal article]

Mairs Dyer, J. and Weir, E. (2015) Women's Vision from Across the Barricades. A visual representation of the Tiger's Bay and New Lodge areas of North Belfast by women who live there. [Photobook]

Mairs Dyer, J. (2014) ‘Unseen Women: Stories from Armagh Gaol. Exhibiting Contrasting Memories of a Contested Space’. In: Challenging History in the Museum. International Perspectives. Ashgate: Farnham, Surrey, pp. 163-174. [Book section]