Projects in Critical Theory

Current Projects in Critical Theory, Public Cultures and Policy

Given the academic nature of the strand, project research falls mainly into research publications and articles:

Professor Richard Ekins

  • (2014) The Social Construction of a Music Mecca: Goin' Home, New Orleans and International New Orleans Jazz Revivalism. Popular Music History, 8 (1). pp. 5-22. [journal running late – published in 2014-2021 REF cycle]
  • (2015) Anna Freud: Selected Writings. Edited with introductions by Richard Ekins and Ruth Freeman. 336 pp. Penguin Modern Classics, with Ruth Freeman, University of Dundee.
  • (2015) Dorothy Richardson, Quakerism and 'Undoing': Reflections on the Rediscovery of Two Unpublished Letters. Pilgrimages: A Journal of Dorothy Richardson Studies, 7. pp. 44-58.
  • (2015) Becoming a Follower of the Merseysippi Jazz Band: An Approach from Ethnography, Autoethnography and Social World Analysis - A Study in Resocialization. Jazz Research Journal, 9 (1). pp. 7-36.
  • (2016) 'Social Constructions of "Authenticity" and the Sounds of the Kid Thomas Valentine Band: The Case of ‘Basin Street Blues’ – An Approach from Sociological Musicology and Cultural Studies', Jazz Research Journal, 2015, 9 (2) 107-144
  • (2016) ‘Dilemmas of Placing and Dating in Blue Plaque Research: The Case of Dorothy Richardson in Bloomsbury (1896-1907) – An Essay in Grounded Theory and the Social Construction of Knowledge’, Pilgrimages: A Journal of Dorothy Richardson Studies, 2016, 8: 74-117.

    (2016) ‘On Memory, Forgetting and Dorothy Richardson: A Theoretical Companion Piece to Richard Ekins, “Dilemmas of Placing and Dating in Blue Plaque Research: The Case of Dorothy Richardson in Bloomsbury (1896-1907)”’, Pilgrimages: A Journal of Dorothy Richardson Studies, 2016, 8: 118-130.

Daniel Jewesbury

  • TULCA visual arts festival, Galway, November 2016
    The festival features 36 different artists, and will take place in four different venues, around the city, for three weeks in November. The catalogue will include a major new as well as other edited contributions.
  • ‘History’s Prison: Escaping the Temporality of the State-Still-To-Come’, Études Irlandaise, vol 41 no 2 (in press, forthcoming 2016)
  • ‘The Constitution of a State Yet To Come: The Unbroken Promise of the Half-Proclamation’ in Lisa Godson & Joanne Brück, eds, Making 1916: The Material and Visual Culture of the Easter Rising (Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, 2015)
  • ‘A Dialogue on Cultural Precincts: “Teeth Will Be Provided For You”’ in James E. Doyle & Biljana Mickov, eds, Creative Cities: Vision & Execution (London: Routledge, 2015). Co-authored with Sarah Tuck.

    Looking at the Woman in a Bomb Blast Performance, in Art of the Troubles group exhibition, Ulster Museum Belfast, 2014, & Wolverhampton Art Gallery, 2015

Conor McGrath

  • ‘Lobbying in United Kingdom’, in Alberto Bitonti and Phil Harris (eds) Lobbying in Europe: Public Affairs and the Lobbying Industry in 28 EU Countries (London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2017).
  • ‘Lessons in Lobbying Regulation from the UK and Ireland’, in Phil Harris and Craig Fleisher (eds) Handbook of International Corporate and Public Affairs (London: SAGE, 2017).

Robert Porter

  • Meanderings Through the Politics of Everyday Life (New York, Rowan and Littlefield forthcoming, 2016/17).
  • ‘Drama Out of a Crisis?: Post-structuralism and the Politics of Everyday Life’, Political Studies Review (forthcoming, 2017). Co-authored with Iain Mackenzie.
  • ‘Schizoanalysis: The Art of Sustainable Resistance’, in Buchanan et al Deleuze and the Schizoanalysis of Politics (London: Bloomsbury, forthcoming 2017). Co-authored with Iain Mackenzie.
  • ‘Evental Approaches to the Study of Events’, in Pernecky, T. (ed.) Approaches and Methods in Event Studies (London: Routledge, forthcoming, 2016). Co-authored with Iain Mackenzie.
  • ‘The Drama of Schizoanalysis: On Deleuze and Guattari’s Method’, in Buchanan et al Deleuze and the Schizoanalysis of Literature (London: Bloomsbury, 2015), pp. 43-60. Co-authored with Iain Mackenzie.

Phil Ramsey

  • Ramsey, P. and Waterhouse-Bradley, B. (in press) Cultural Policy in Northern Ireland: making cultural policy for a divided society. In D. O’Brien, T. Miller and V. Durrer (Eds), Routledge Companion to Cultural Policy. Abingdon: Routledge.
  • Ramsey, P. (2016) ‘It could redefine public service broadcasting in the digital age’: assessing the BBC’s proposals for moving BBC Three online. Convergence. (
  • Ramsey, P. (2016). BBC Radio Ulster: Public Service Radio in Northern Ireland’s divided society. Journal of Radio and Audio Media. 23(1), pp. 144–163. (
  • Ramsey, P. (2016). The public sphere and PR: deliberative democracy and agonistic pluralism. In J. L'Etang, D. McKie, N. Snow and J. Xifra (Eds), Routledge Handbook of Critical Public Relations (pp.65–75). Abingdon: Routledge. (
  • Ramsey, P. (2015). Broadcasting to reflect ‘life and culture as we know it’: media policy, devolution, and the case of Northern Ireland. Media, Culture & Society. 37(8), 1193–1209. (
  • Ramsey, P. & White, A. (2015). Art for art’s sake? A critique of the instrumentalist turn in the teaching of media and communications in UK universities. International Journal of Cultural Policy. 21(1), 78–96. (
  • Ramsey, P. (2015). The Engage programme and the Government Communication Network in the UK, 2006–2010. Journal of Public Affairs. 15(4): 377–386. (