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The Market Intelligence Lab (MIL) provides consumer insight from Tesco Clubcard (representing over 40% UK food purchasing behaviour) and Mintel through a purpose-built lab consisting of computer terminals with tailored market intelligence resources and experimental new product development (NPD) resources. The academic project team from the UU Food and Drink Business Development Centre (FDBDC), will use the lab to conduct workshops with invited SMEs from the local food industry, providing powerful market insights along with guidance in strategic actions needed. Specifically, segmentation, targeting and positioning techniques that will allow the SMEs to systematically apply consumer insights to a tailored NPD process.

The MIL lab has an exclusive contract with dunnhumby UK for Tesco Clubcard data provision. Food businesses will be able to access data through dedicated computer terminals located in Ulster University. Alongside the terminals and data, NPD assets will be available for firms to test out product ideas derived from consumer insights. Specifically, 3D printers to allow firms to prototype food products and packaging. These facilities will allow food firms to understand more precisely who is buying their food products, using tools such as the Tesco Five Families segmentation profile and using Mintel tools to understand new product innovations pertinent to the categories they sell in. Academic staff will be available to support and provide marketing and NPD expertise to allow firms to exploit and integrate the data with their marketing and NPD strategies.


  • 32 networked computer terminals with dual monitors with   direct access to Tesco Clubcard and Mintel market intelligence
  • 3D printing facility
  • Dedicated meeting and teaching space
  • Dedicated academic support in marketing strategy and NPD