About the Centre

About the Centre

The Centre for Financial and Regulatory Technology (CFRT) is an integral part of the Ulster University Business School, operating within the Department of Accounting, Finance, and Economics.

CFRT embodies a multidisciplinary approach to financial innovation and technology, harnessing the collective expertise of academic scholars, industry practitioners, and cutting-edge researchers to drive forward the financial technology (FinTech) landscape in Northern Ireland.

The primary mission of CFRT

The primary mission of CFRT is to serve as a hub for research, education, and industry collaboration, with a focus on fostering innovation and excellence in financial technology. By promoting interdisciplinary engagement, it seeks to facilitate the development of cutting-edge financial technologies, as well as to address critical issues related to their application and regulation.

In addition to its primary mission, CFRT places a specific emphasis on secure and intelligent regulatory technology ('RegTech'). This involves an overview of the conceptual, theoretical, and practical challenges that arise when utilising digital technologies to comply with regulatory regimes. CFRT’s focus is on Intelligent RegTech solutions that can be customised to achieve superior oversight and compliance outcomes.

CFRT benefits from faculty support, enabling it to pursue ambitious projects in the field of financial technology. Public grants, industry partnerships, and academic support contribute to its financial sustainability and ability to initiate groundbreaking research.

Open Finance

Open Finance

Open finance refers to the concept of leveraging technology to make financial data and services more accessible, secure, and transparent. It promotes the idea that consumers should have greater control over their financial information and be able to share it securely with third-party providers to access a wider array of services, ultimately leading to a more competitive and innovative financial ecosystem.

Northern Ireland financial technology ecosystem

Northern Ireland financial technology ecosystem

The Centre plays a pivotal role in the Northern Ireland financial technology ecosystem. It hosts the Centre for Finance, Innovation and Technology (CFIT) in Northern Ireland which was set up following the Kalifa Review to position the United Kingdom as a global leader in financial innovation.

CFRT serves as a bridge between academia and industry, facilitating knowledge transfer, nurturing local talent, and supporting the growth of FinTech startups and established financial institutions in Northern Ireland. By championing the principles of open finance, it contributes to the region's economic growth, innovation, and international competitiveness.

RegTech in Belfast and the North West

RegTech in Belfast and the North West

Northern Ireland has emerged as a pioneer in solutions addressing evolving challenges through Regulatory Technology (RegTech). It provides comprehensive end-to-end solutions for governance, risk, and regulatory compliance. CFRT has a commitment to innovation and excellence. In this way it contributes to the growth, competitiveness, and international recognition of the RegTech sector in Belfast and the Northwest.

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A dynamic hub with a multifaceted approach to financial technology (FinTech) and regulatory technology (RegTech).

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