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CFRT is undertaking a project, funded by UKFIN+ (ESPRC), to conduct a Feasibility Study for a Gifted Account Information Service Provider (AISP) for Banking Account Research Data. The project is inspired by the innovative approach of the Biobank data and intends to make use of Open Banking protocols.  CFRT will host a workshop at the start of 2024 to address the legal, ethical, anonymisation, data security, transfer protocols and data trust issues.

CFRT has also supported research by Prof Daniel Broby and Dr Caglar Hamarat into the “Regulatory Advantage and the Rise of FinTech Peer-to-Peer Lending: A Study on US Regional Small Business Financing.” This research aims to answer the question of whether borrowers are turning to FinTech peer-to-peer lenders as a result of decreased access to traditional bank lending.

CFRT works closely with Fintech NI and is an active participant in the Global Secure and Intelligent Regulatory Technology (GSIRT) initiative, supported by Invest NI, Belfast City, and Catalyst.

CFRT is also currently working on the following funding application:

Research Projects

Open finance: Assessing consumer acceptance, usage and societal benefits of Account Information and Payment Initiation services

Project details
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532058 Bid Development ESRC

White Papers

  • A Curriculum for the Body of Knowledge in Open Finance

    This paper addresses an identified skills gap in graduates who are entering the Open Finance workplace. The latter is a new sub sector of finance centered on the use of third-party permissioned data.

    We address the concern that such graduates lack commercial awareness and relevant financial work experience. We build on the Curricular Domains Model. This expresses the curriculum as knowledge, action and self-domain.

    We first identify the needs of employers through an embedded researcher approach in collaboration with the Smart Data Foundry. We then apply an Integrated Curriculum Design Framework (ICDF) to the findings in order to develop a transdisciplinary curriculum that can be applied to a master’s degree program.

    Our contribution is in facilitating a systemic combination of the finance and computing disciplines to create a new one that addresses this field. We believe our proposed educational offering can assist with the challenges that are presented by the adoption of Open Finance.

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