How do I map a network drive to access a fileshare?

Information Services is a major University administrative department with responsibilities covering library, academic and administrative computing, digital communications, media-technology services and reprographic services.

If you are a member of staff looking to map a network drive to a file share that is used by your department, check with a colleague who already has this set up to obtain the server name.  Enter the information by clicking on the windows start button, and in the search box type \\ followed by the server name.

A new window will appear showing a list of shared folders.  Right click on the appropriate folder and then select map network drive.

Select an available drive from the drop down menu.  ISD recommend that for convenience and departmental continuity where possible, that you use the same drive letter for your network drive as used by your colleagues.  Click on the Finish button.

If unable to complete the task satisfactorily, contact the Service Desk for assistance.