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Prepare for a new experience

We are looking forward to our Allied Health Professionals learning alongside our Paramedic Science, Nursing and Graduate Entry Medical students. We aim to make the transition to our new campus home as easy as possible.

Explore your travel to campus options

We are working with key external partners such as Translink, the Department for Infrastructure and Sustrans on planning for and promoting as preference, sustainable and stress-free means of travel to our Magee campus.

Our Magee campus is ideally located for public transport access by both bus and rail.  We will be partnering with Translink to promote the full range of their travel planning support options for our students transitioning to our new Belfast campus.

For those of you who want to plan ahead on accessing our Magee campus via public transport, detail of routes, timetables and ticketing options can be found on the Translink website.

Explore your student accommodation options

You may also be starting to consider your accommodation choices for the next academic year.  Talk to our accommodation team to explore your options.

Help us tell the story

Over the coming months we will be developing and releasing a range of digital resources that will support you to get to know our enhanced Magee campus, and to take full advantage of all the all the other transformative initiatives that will contribute to a new chapter for your student and campus experience at Ulster University.

Could you help us tell the story as a new chapter unfolds?

If you are an Ulster University student or staff member who might be able to volunteer some of your free time to perhaps appear in a video, narrate an animation, or share your personal experience of a new chapter unfolding for you during the 2021-2022 academic year with your fellow students, please email to find out about the variety of ways you can get involved in the co-creation of student and staff resources.

Supporting you

The University’s Student Wellbeing team is ready and on-hand to support any student who may need any form of assistance to prepare for and be ready to embrace a new chapter for your student and campus experience at Ulster University.

Including those students who need to plan for transitioning into our Magee campus, or those who will need support to return to campus.

Your questions

We recognise that you may have some practical considerations that will need addressed to help you be ready for, and supported to, make the most of your student and campus experience.

We will be responding to your queries and adding to our list of Frequently Asked Questions. In the meantime, please contact with any queries you may have.

How many days will I be on campus?

Course teams are working hard to provide timetabling information to all students. Timetables will be released as soon as possible to give students as much time as possible to decide about living arrangements.

All 7 course teams are working together to ensure interprofessional modules fit with all timetables. We are seeking to ensure that if you are on campus, you are there for a full day, and are not being called to campus for a single teaching session. Similarly, where online teaching sessions are offered, programme teams are working to have these on a day when the students are not required to be face-face so you can access synchronous and asynchronous delivery from a quiet space in your home or accommodation.

In addition, we recognise that during the transition period, travel time to campus may potentially be longer. We are, where possible, planning for later start and earlier finish times to best support your travel and study.

Our overarching priority is to provide you with a timetable that supports your learning and development, and with opportunities to meet your fellow course students, students from other healthcare courses, and students from other schools.

Can I visit Derry~Londonderry campus?

If you would like to visit the Magee campus, you are welcome do so at any time. When you arrive, please visit reception in the MD (Hogwarts) building and ask for your student card to be updated. You will be based at the heart of the campus in the existing MF premises alongside the Rock Road main carpark and extending from the top of the site towards the river.

Will books from my reading list be available at the library in Derry~Londonderry?

The transfer of Jordanstown library resources related to undergraduate Health Sciences programmes is now complete, and all books are now available to borrow again at Magee campus library. Watch this short video to see where the Health Sciences resources are housed at the library.

Students also have access to the library e-book, e-journal and database collections, along with help from our expert staff. Please say hello to our team in the Magee library, who will be delighted to help you.

Do I have to go to Derry~Londonderry to return books?

You can return books to any of our campus libraries.

Will I have to pay more for car parking at the Derry~Londonderry campus?

No. Ulster University is committed to introducing initiatives to support sustainable travel and transport choices for our students. We will also be promoting stress-free access to public transport and ensuring our campuses are accessible to all. We recognise that some students and staff may require parking, and parking at Magee is the same price as at other campuses. We have recently added an additional 200 parking spaces and are confident this will meet demand.

Will School of Health Sciences students receive a discount on University accommodation?

Ulster University has the most affordable accommodation rates in the UK. All students are charged the same rates and no discount is available for School of Health Sciences students. We aim to ensure our student accommodation provides quality and affordable options for students studying at the Magee campus. Rental rates include the cost of all utilities, insurance, Wi-Fi access and 24/7 support.

Why did Medical students receive a discount on accommodation?

School of Medicine students committed to a longer contract term of 47 weeks for ensuite accommodation in a designated block at the Duncreggan Student Village. School of Health Sciences students who stay in Ulster University accommodation will commit to a 37-week contract with the choice of accommodation styles and rates.

Am I guaranteed a room in University accommodation at the Derry~Londonderry campus?

Ulster University does not offer an accommodation guarantee to returning students, as these students know where they will be studying, and therefore have time to secure appropriate accommodation. We are working with local providers in Derry~Londonderry to provide returning students with as much information on their accommodation options as possible.