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Hourly or Daily Ticket Tariffs Ulster Students and Staff

Excluding Associate Students

Excludes: Belfast Campus (Permit access only)

Car park tariffs
TimeCost Non Student/Staff (Magee Campus)
First 30 mins FREE FREE
Up to 2 hrs £0.80 £2.00
Up to 3 hrs £1.20 £3.00
Up to 4 hrs £1.50 £4.00
Up to 5 hrs  £1.80 £5.00
Up to 6 hrs £2.00 £6.00
Up to 9 hrs £2.50 £9.00
Up to 24 hrs £3.00 £10.00

On Entry

Registered Ulster students and Staff paying by the hour should NOT take a ticket at the entrance barrier but use your University ID card to gain access to the car park, your ID card now becomes your ticket.

Scan your card on entry to the car park over the area on the entry column (do not insert your card into the machine), this will allow access to the car park.

On Exit

On preparing to leave the campus go to the pay station and scan your ID card at the pay station.

This will activate the Ulster student and staff hourly tariff charge – pay the fee.  On leaving the campus scan your ID card at the exit barrier.

Drivers have 30 minutes grace from paying at the Pay-on-Foot station to exiting the campus.

Pay-on-Foot stations

Pay-on-Foot stations are located near the main entrances to/exits from main buildings. There is no  Pay -on-Foot Stations at the Belfast Campus, access to car parking at Belfast is via permit only.

The positions of Pay-on-Foot stations are shown on campus car parking maps.

Pay-on-Foot stations at Coleraine and Magee will also take notes, coins, credit cards, issue change and provide receipts.

Since  August 1st 2022 , Jordanstown is cashless and Pay-on-Foot stations will take credit/debit cards only.

To use your ID card as a parking ticket, see our guide on Ticketless Parking.

Pay-on-Foot stations also accept Euro notes. Change is given in sterling regardless of tendered currency.

Alternatively drivers can present their credit or debit card both at the entrance and exit barriers.

There is no need to go to a Pay-on-Foot station. The system will calculate the public tariff due and deduct this amount from the credit card account.

Staff and students wishing to obtain the University staff and student tariff must use their Identity Card, rather than Credit Card.

Methods of payments

A number of flexible methods of payment are available.

Staff annual permit

  • £75 for those up to and including spinal point 23.
  • £150 for those on spinal point 24 and above.

Purchase car parking permits for staff from the online store.

Student permit

  • £75 for 12 months
  • £60 for 9 months
  • £40 for 6 months
  • £26 for 4 months

Purchase car parking permits for students from the online store.

Disabled students and staff annual permit

  • £1

Purchase a blue badge permit from the online store.

Commercial Tenants/ Non-University Employees Annual Permit

  • £150

Purchase permits for associate staff from the online store.


If you forget your student/staff ID card there is no alternative other than to take a hourly/daily ticket and pay the calculated tariff for that visit/day.

There is no way to obtain entry/exit other than using a permit/proximity card or hourly/daily tickets and credit cards.

All drivers must be in possession of a relevant, valid driving licence for the vehicle they are driving.

All vehicles and drivers must be covered by relevant and adequate insurance cover at all times.

The system incorporates anti-abuse measures which prevent cards being used more than once in any direction without having been used in the opposite direction in between i.e. your card cannot be used for entry unless it has been used to exit beforehand. Also cards will only operate when a car is present at the barrier.

All car park users are expected to fully co-operate with the Car Park and Traffic Management Office /University Security Staff to achieve the aims and objectives of this car parking policy.

Failure to comply with the agreed car parking arrangements, and where there are no mitigating circumstances, will be treated as a misconduct issue and the appropriate action taken by informing the relevant Provost/Faculty Dean/Department Director.

Tariff Increases

Tariff increases are governed by the Ulster University, who reserve the right to vary tariffs giving one months’ notice.

Any changes will be publicised before coming into effect.

In this section

Ticketless Parking

How to use your ID Card as a Car Parking Ticket and obtain the Student Rate when you have pulled a paper ticket.