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Lost Tickets

If a ticket is lost the owner must go to a pay station and speak to security via the intercom and request a lost ticket. Security will ask for details, to include name, staff/student/visitor and ID number, Vehicle Registration number. Security will then enable the function on the pay station to issue a lost ticket.

A lost ticket is charged at the full daily rate at the campus, once the payment has been made a ticket will be printed for the customer which they should use at the exit barrier.

Lost Permits

Staff who lose their permit/proximity card should complete a Lost or Damaged Permit Declaration Form and take it to Human Resources. On presentation of the form and payment of £10 a replacement card will be provided. The replacement card must then be taken to the Car Park and Traffic Management Office for activation, this may take up to 3 days during which period users must use alternative payment methods.

Students who lose their Student ID Card which has been validated to act as a proximity card should go to Registry and on payment of £10 a replacement card will be issued. This card then needs to be presented at the car park office to enable the old card to be deactivated and the new card to be activated.

Damaged Permits

Staff who damage their permit/proximity card should go to the Car Park and Traffic Management Office to have its condition verified. If the card is confirmed as damaged the Lost Permit procedure (see above) should be followed.

Students damaging their permit/proximity card should follow the lost permit procedure (see above)

Mislaid/Forgotten Permits

If a member of staff/student forgets their permit they must take a ticket and pay the appropriate tariff at the Pay-on-Foot station. There will be no access without the use of a proximity card, a top-up card or by taking a ticket.