Car Parking FAQs

Staff Queries

  1. How will the charges be worked out for persons sharing transport that qualify for different tariff rates?

    Each car share person pays half of their normal tariff in a two-person car share.  This is pro-rata based on the number in the car share.
  2. How does the system deal with regular contributors to University life who are non-salaried?

    Change the answer from ‘Anyone who is not a student or member of staff may purchase a top-up card or pay hourly tariffs’ to ‘Anyone who is not a student or member of staff may pay hourly tariffs’. Alternatively they may purchase an 'other users permit' which is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase and costs £150.00.
  3. If using a credit card to pay the parking tariff will the machine issue a receipt?

    You can request one. It will not automatically provide one.
  4. Do we have to pay on visiting other campuses?

    Staff/students that have an annual permit or a top-up card can access other campuses using their proximity card. Staff who do not have an annual permit and are required to visit another campus for work purposes will be eligible to claim back parking fees for that visit provided a receipt is provided.

    The claim will have to be approved by their Line Manager/Head of Department.
  5. If you are in the car park for 30 minutes or less is it necessary to validate the ticket at a pay station or will the barrier read that your stay is free?

    Provided your ticket is presented at an exit barrier within 30 minutes of entry there is no charge. You do not have to go to a pay-station.
  6. I'm not enrolling on the scheme but have been told that I can reclaim parking fees incurred at other campuses when attending meetings. Can you also confirm if I can reclaim charges while in my base campus on these days when meetings at other campuses mean I need only leave late am or early pm?

    Staff cannot claim for parking at their base campus. All parking claims have to be supported by receipts and approved by your line manager.
  7. Where can I apply for my disabled pass?

    Please apply at the University online store.
  8. If I can't get a space in the car park do I get a refund?

    Annual permits are heavily discounted in comparison with hourly rates and are for a right to search for a space.

    For those using hourly tickets there is no charge if they leave within 30 minutes of arrival due to not being able to find a space or any other reason.
  9. How does the system deal with seconded staff/workers?

    Only University staff i.e. those with an employee number and paid via the University pay roll are eligible to join the scheme as a staff member. Anyone who is not a student or member of staff may purchase an "other user" permit, use a top-up card or pay hourly tariffs.

Student Queries

  1. As a student, I can't pay for my permit until I register in Mid-September. Will this mean that I will have to pay the hourly parking fee until I receive my permit?


  1. What is the charge if you are living on campus?

    Any one who lives on campus is subject to the same tariffs as all other users.
  2. Are there any parking spaces reserved for cars at the Halls?

    Other than a small reserved guest car park on each campus there is no other reserved car parking.


  1. How do cyclists/motor cyclists get past the barriers? Will there be a lane at main entrances?

    Cyclist/motor cyclists should use the extreme left hand lanes, which are wider and have a cycle route identified on the approach to the barrier. They do not need to take a ticket.
  2. Are there cycle/motor cycle parking facilities on each campus?

    Facilities are provided on each campus - see campus maps for details.


Note – your permit is usually your staff/student card linked to the car parking system.

  1. What happens when you drive more than one vehicle? Do you need to register them both?

    Yes, let know your details.
  2. What happens if I lose my staff card?

    HR issue replacement staff cards and on payment of a £10 charge a replacement card will be provided with your staff details printed on it. You can then take this card to the Car Park & Traffic Management Office to have your card activated.
  3. What happens if I lose my student card?

    Student Registry issue replacement student cards, and on payment of a £10 charge a replacement card will be provided. Your replacement card then needs to be taken to the Car Park Management office to be activated.

    Other Users

    Contact the University department who made arrangement for your other user application, and on payment of a £10 charge a replacement card will be provided. Your replacement card then needs to be taken to the Car Park Management office to be activated.

    NOTE: Hourly/Daily rates will apply until you receive your replacement card.
  4. What happens if I forget my permit/proximity card?

    If you forget your proximity card permit scheme members must attend the parking desk on campus and ask for an exit ticket for that day.  On the 4th occasion in a rolling year then you will have to pay the daily tariff for that visit/day.

    NOTE:Staff operating the traffic equipment have been instructed not to grant entrance/exit to any individuals who press the intercom button and make a verbal request for entry/exit.

General Queries

  1. How do students access the university on first day of term?

    Students will be able to join the scheme as soon as they have a valid Student ID Card. Until they receive their ID Card and join the scheme, entry is only by taking a ticket.
  2. Will the new paid parking scheme guarantee a space?

    No one will be guaranteed a space. The purchase of a permit is for a right to look for a space only. The use of top up card or taking of a ticket on entry permits the driver to access the campus and look for a space. If a space is not found and the car exits within 30 minutes of entry (top up cards and hourly tickets only) no charge is levied.
  3. Will there be more spaces in the university to park?

    Car park management is providing useful data to the University on the demand for spaces at different periods of the day, week and year which will assist future planning of car park provision.
  4. How do the barriers work?

    Barriers are positioned at all campus entrances and exits. Prior to entry or exit through the barriers the driver must present their permit access card to the reader, present their top-up card to the reader or take/present a ticket. (Do not insert a proximity card into the reader).
  5. If I am being picked up from work how does the driver get through the barrier?

    To facilitate those being dropped off or picked up from campus the first 30 minutes on campus is free. Provided the ticket taken on entry is presented again at an exit within 30 minutes no payment is due.
  6. Black taxis often wait more than 30 minutes to "fill up". Will they have to pay even though they do not take up any car parking spaces?

    All vehicles other than buses or branded delivery/contractor vehicles will be subject to a tariff after 30 minutes on campus.
  7. How do Pedestrians get past the barriers?

    Pedestrians should use the footpath not the road.
  8. Is the staff card a proximity card or does it require it to be inserted into the exit ticket machine?

    A proximity card - you hold it up to the card reader, do not insert it into the reader.
  9. Can I leave my car on campus overnight?
    Vehicles may be left on campus overnight on occasion, however prior to doing so please request via