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Applying for a Permit

Permits are available to all University Staff, Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students (but not Associate Students).

  • Belfast – Permit only via Needs based Assessment or Blue Badge staff and student Blue Badge permit.
  • Coleraine – staff or student permit
  • Jordanstown – staff or student permit
  • Magee – staff or student permit

The parking permit is activated on your student or staff ID card, which is linked to the car parking system.

When applying for a permit the appropriate application form must be completed and the following information provided:

  1. Surname and forename
  2. Full staff number/student number
  3. Present valid University Student ID Card
  4. Faculty/Department/Course/Year of Study
  5. Contact telephone number
  6. Vehicle Details

Students residing at the Duncreggan Student Village at Derry~Londonderry are advised that there are a limited number of permits that allow access to parking at this site as well as other University carparks, and these will only be available from the 4th of September 2023, via the University Online Store.

These permits are valid from 16th September 2023 to 8th June 2024, and allow access to the Duncreggan Car Park at residences, and the Duncreggan Road Car Park, as well as other University car parking. When the Duncreggan car park at residences is at capacity, please use the other car park located on the Duncreggan Road, which is a 3-minute walk from the student village.

All parking permits should be active within 48 hours of application – new users or students who have not been a member of the scheme in the past 12 months should visit the campus car park desk to have their student ID card activated as a car parking permit, after application. Derry~Londonderry (MD Building), Coleraine (Main Entrance/Reception).

This also applies to persons issued with new ID cards

Failure to give this information could lead to your permit application not being processed or your access control card not being activated until the applicant contacts the Car Park and Traffic Management Office.

If permit holders change their vehicles they are requested to advise the Car Park and Traffic Management Office using the Change of Vehicle Form.

Staff annual permit

  • £75 for those up to and including spinal point 23.
  • £150 for those on spinal point 24 and above.

Application forms should be returned to  Following application car parking will activate your permit and Salaries and Wages will make the monthly deductions from salary.

Student permit

  • £75 for 12 months
  • £60 for 9 months
  • £40 for 6 months
  • £26 for 4 months

Disabled students and staff annual permit

  • £1

When applying for this permit the appropriate application form should be completed via the University Online Store, and photos/scans of the blue badge sent to

Commercial Tenants/ Non-University Employees Annual Permit

  • £150

Motorcycle access to Frederick Street car park

There are 10 designated motorcycle spaces located on the ground floor of the Frederick Street Car Park (FSCP). Motorcyclists do not require a permit to access the car park but must contact University Security using the buzzer at the entrance barrier.

Spaces will be allocated on a first come first served basis and entrance will be limited to 10 users at any one time. Motorcycles parking in designated car parking spaces will be clamped.

Staff owners of motorcycles must register their vehicle with the Car Park and Traffic Management by completing the Motorcycle Registration Form.

If FSCP is full, motorcycles are permitted to park free of charge in all off-street Council owned car parks.

Register your motorcycle