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Academic Enterprise is a term which includes a range of activities and engagement with agencies external to Ulster University.

Commercialisation of Research

We support the commercialisation of research, networking and outreach activities to increase knowledge and capacity of business or voluntary sector providers.

Academic Enterprise facilitates knowledge exchange, that is the two-way transfer of knowledge and skills between University academic members of staff and the wider community. It helps academics achieve impact for their research.

The various funding streams also enable us to work within the healthcare economy to promote innovation, research and development.

How Our Expertise Can Help

Stepping Stones "The expertise given from the University of Ulster through the Innovation Voucher enabled us to identify new products for our social enterprise. These products were researched and designed by University staff, time to do something like this was just not something we had.

Using the learning from our Innovation Voucher we have launched new products into our key markets and our portfolio, and balance sheet, are healthier as a result." Cara Cash - Stepping Stones Whelan Footwear “We are delighted to have collaborated with the University of Ulster to help us further our research and design into developing a new style of shoe for people with diabetes.

With the help of the dedicated Podiatry team, we now have a detailed study that allows us to better understand the market and the customers we are catering for. More importantly, it enables us to be seen as a dedicated supplier and manufacturer of specialist footwear.” Brenda O’Leary Whelan Footwear