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Costs involved

Booking Fee

Applying for accommodation requires a £100 Booking Fee in advance. Once you accept an accommodation offer from University, the booking fee becomes non-refundable. The fee covers three elements:

  1. It insures your personal possessions in your room
  2. It insures the University against non-attributable damage in communal areas outside the apartment
  3. It contributes to the social fund for the Residents Life Events Programme.

If you apply for accommodation  but do not get on to a course of study at the University, your booking fee will be refunded.

The booking fee only becomes non-refundable once you are accepted onto a course of studyhave been allocated a room and accept the terms and conditions.


Before applying, you need to understand the full cost of accommodation and all the funding available to you. Funding may come from a student loan, your parents, scholarships, bank overdraft, weekend work etc.

Appropriate funding needs to be in place before you commit to a university room. Once you accept a room contract, you will have to pay for your contracted period.

To make budget planning easier, we listed weekly and annual rates for our accommodation here.


To accept a room offer you need to choose how you are going to pay, the following options are available.

Option one: Pay in full for the full licence period. NOTE - This is the ONLY option available to single semester students. Students on a 37 week contract may choose option one but also have the following 3 options available to them:

Option two:Pay semester one in advance either by credit or debit card, then pay semester two in January :

Option three: Pay a £300 advance payment* (to accept the offer) and sign-up for recurring card payments. This splits the remaining balance over three instalments, due in October (40%), January (40%) and April (20%).

Option four: Pay a £300 advance payment* (to accept the offer) and sign up for direct debit. This splits the remaining balance over three instalments, due in October (40%), January (40%) and April (20%).

* Options 2, 3 and 4 are only available if you are on a full 37-week contract, and the £300 advance payment must be made by debit/credit card

Payments are taken automatically from your account (if paying by direct debit) or from the card provided (if paying by recurring card payment) on the specified dates. Please do not make payments online as this may mean the payment is taken twice. Bank charges may be applied if there are insufficient funds in your account.

A UK bank account is needed for direct debits, so most International Students can't take this option. If you have a UK bank account, you must check your bank account is suitable (savings or teenager accounts won't work). If you register an ineligible account, or there is not enough money in your account on the payment date, you will incur an administration charge of £45.

Payment Problems

If you miss payments for residential fees, damages or fines you may incur additional administration charges of £10 per letter. If you cannot meet a payment, you need to contact the Residential Services office before the payment date.

Late payments can be made online through your student accommodation portal at any time.

For more on student funding, including hardship funds and loans, visit Student Support Finance Service.

When you leave

Students usually leave the accommodation in a reasonable condition after their contract ends. You will receive guidance on how to do this before the end of your contracted period.

It involves removing all rubbish and personal belongings from your room/apartment and ensuring the bedroom and communal areas are left clean and tidy.

It is important that all equipment and furniture is still in a fair condition. If fabrics, furniture or fittings are deemed to be in poor condition, damage and cleaning charges may apply.