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As part of our efforts to improve our services and support, ICT Customer Services conducts an annual Student Survey to gauge opinions and establish feedback from our students.

This survey gives you the chance to tell us what we are doing well and what we need to improve. Feedback will be used for development and to identify potential opportunities for the year ahead on how we can best support students which we will outline in our report in the new year.

Due to COVID this annual survey was paused, however our 2022 IT Satisfaction survey was completed in December 2022 and a report of our findings will be available soon..

Thanks to all students for taking the time to provide valuable feedback to us.

If you have any queries or further suggestions, please contact Ann McSherry (, Head of ICT Customer Services and Support.

Student Survey Reports

Graphical summaries of previous results and findings can be viewed below with a more comprehensive version of the survey results which includes comments received from students. We have used this feedback to shape our development and action plans over the years.