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If you have configured your device and have previously connected successfully to eduroam at another organisation, the issues may be caused by one from the following list.  Please check these, and if you are still experiencing difficulties, Contact the Service Desk.

1.    The operation of eduroam is dependent on operation of the other wifi networking services within Ulster. If you have pre-configured your eduroam connection as per the instructions provided and are still having difficulty connecting, please Contact the Service Desk.

2.    You may not have the most up-to-date security certificate.  To check if your certificate is up-to-date, go to the Ulster eduroam page and check the publish date listed beside the “Download Security Certificate” link. If you configured your device before this date, you will need to update your certificate in order to connect. Using the information/documents provided on the Ulster eduroam page, download and install the new certificate on your device.