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Language Awareness for Key Stage 3

On this page you can find the first version of the teaching resources from the Language Awareness for Key Stage 3 project.

Please be aware that these resources are still under development and may contain occasional errors.

We are currently in the process of revising and updating them to reflect feedback from our partner school, St Patrick’s Academy, and from other schools that are currently piloting these resources; we hope to make these improvements available soon.

NI Science Festival

We are pleased to have had the opportunity to present our work at the NI Science Festival on 21 February 2022. Here you can find the resources from our talk:

Language Awareness for Key Stage 3

Use & Feedback

Our resources are freely availably for everyone to use.  If you’re using our resources, though, we’d love to hear any feedback on them or answer any questions that you might have. Please send comments and questions to Dr Christina Sevdali or Dr Morgan Macleod.

Note to teachers: One of our primary aims is to bring children’s knowledge of heritage languages into the classroom, and many of our activities involve asking children to describe languages that they may know.  If you find that not enough languages are represented in your classroom, though, your pupils can get information about different languages from other sources. One very useful resource is the free World Atlas of Language Structures. You might also invite your pupils to experiment with online translation services; please be aware, though, that these are not always completely accurate.


Lesson 1: Introducing Language Awareness

Lesson 2: Writing and Sounds

Lesson 3: Parts of Speech I

Lesson 4: Parts of Speech II

Lesson 5: Parts of Speech III

Lesson 6: The Noun — Number and Gender

Lesson 7: The Noun — Case

Lesson 8: Determiners

Lesson 9: Prepositions

Lesson 10: The Verb — Tense and Aspect

Lesson 11: Voice and Alignment

Lesson 12: Mood and Modals

Lesson 13: Agreement and Finiteness

Lesson 14: Word Order

Lesson 15: Complex Sentences I

Lesson 16: Complex Sentences II



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