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Descriptive Likes

Like Tolkien

Extract 1 01 Bri: >so I'm like a <hu:ge> Tolkien n[erd ]= 02 Al: [((nods and smiles))]= 03 =[<yeah> ] 04 =[((nods))] [((continues nodding))]=


Extract 2 01 Katrina: Like (.) she was never one for kids 02 Laura: N::o she wasn't. 03 Katrina: sh::e was like (.) the tom boy of the group (.) never 04 wanted kids didn't want (0.3) anything

Wrestler Road Trip Pins and Needles

Extract 3 01 Tyler: I'd wake up, my leg's asleep >and I'm waking it up< it's all 02 like hur-hurting pins and needles,

Imprecision Likes

Ice Cream Cake

Extract 4 01 *DRA: I shouldn't blow this out. (.) Dad do you wanna try for me? 02 (0.7) 03 *KEV: OHHH[: gro::ss that's nasty] 04 *MAR: [ OH:::: Gro:][: :: ]ss 05 *KEV: [hah hah] 06 *WEN: [what ] 07 *KEV: cause she has a co:ld. 08 *KEV: [she's gonna] b:low it all [over the] cake 09 *WEN: [huh hh ] 10 [hah:: ] 11 *DRA: [hah][hah][hah hah] 12 *MAR: [heh] 13 *KEN: [hah] 14 *KEV: [gross ] 15 *DRA: well plus that it's gonna take me like like eight years to blow 16 these [ou:t ] 17 *KEV: [just use a] fil[ter] 18 *WEN: [.hh] let's everybody [ r:]eady?

I don't know why I bother

Extract 5 01 *KIT: um (.) Sabrina did you ever give that (.) that card to um (.) 02 >Country Gen[tleman<] 03 *GEM: [ (XX]X) 04 *SAB: no but we got a new ont that we gave there 05 (1.2) 06 *KIT: you mean that one that I made didn't- wasn't good enough? 07 (0.6) 08 *SAB: no (0.4) we had already given like three (.) to them already.


Extract 6 01 Bet: you gotta tell them to show you were all the good bars are 02 though 03 Abb: [mhm ] 04 [((nods))] 05 Bet: cos >I don't know that many< cos I'm a first 06 [year ] 07 Abb: [((nods))] 08 Bet: I've only been here for like fou:r (.) five months so, 09 Abb: mm hm

She Lives in the Falls

Extract 7 01 Katrina: she lives in the Falls= 02 Natalie: =does sha? 03 Katrina: yeah:. she li:ves e[hm::] 04 Natalie: [(X) ] 05 Katrina: cuz she lives like two doors up from Sarah 06 (1.0) 07 Katrina: Sarah turns around and says to me last night ehm:: 08 (3.0) that's my next door neighbor?

3 in the Morning

Extract 8 01 James: =yeah man I was (.) well no >I heard it< (.) when I was go- 02 (.) 'cause well I've been going to bed really early like 03 half ten or eleven o'clock every night but (.) >I heard it 04 outside and was like ye:p< (.) I'm so glad I'm in my bed. 05 (2.0) 06 Nicky: I'm not sleepin' until like three in the morning like every 07 night,

Quotative Likes

Good Cop Bad Cop

Extract 9 01 LAU: [i was ] the good cop, 02 TAL: [alright.] 03 SAM: i was the bad cop. 04 DM: [heh heh heh heh ] heh heh [heh ] 05 LAU: [yeah. and we got] [hard] Information from the:m, and 06 [then p-] 07 SAM: [you're ] not leaving [here] without telling us the truth. 08 LAU: [yeah.] 09 LAU: yeah and i was like don't worry, she won't hurt you, i'll 10 be [really goo:d.] 11 SAM: [a:gh ] i'm crazy. [i might hurt you. ] 12 LAU: [yeah. and then they just] 13 FESSED up to everything and they were like WE'RE A 14 FIEND and she was like i'm a little gi:rl. 15 SAM: yeah, it was [crazy.] 16 LAU: [that ] was how it went. 17 SAM: she confessed to bei(h)ng a li(h)tt(h)le gi(h)rl. 18 MANY: ((laughter))

Is this the troubles

Extract 10 01 DEAN: and u:h the cop's like if you don't shut up we'll: (0.7) 02 arrest you as well >or whatever<. (1.0) >it was all< 03 kicking off, s'a crowd of people watching, just getting their 04 phones out, and taking pho(h)to(h)s, so i was like watching 05 >cause i didn't wanna walk< past, (0.3) until it was all done 06 and dusted. (0.3) and this girl on a bike pulled (0.3) beside 07 me, and (.) >she was like< what's going on? and she was- she 08 was norwegian. (0.5) and £sh(h)e was like is this- is this 09 the trou(h)bles. (0.3) .hh hih >i was like< know what it is: 10 (0.5) either drunk people? or a crackdown on drugs. 11 SHANE: heh heh heh

Pint on Tuesday Night

Extract 11 01 HENRY: chl[oe? ] 02 DEAN: [well] me and chloe were gonna go to the cinema? jus: (.) 03 go to the cinema every so often. (0.3) and the:n (0.5) >he 04 said we were allowed to go for a pint<, on tuesday night, >and 05 i was like< (0.3) awright. and then you were >taking to me< 06 yesterday,


Extract 12 01 DEAN: she said she was over here for work. (0.5) >i was like< oh 02 yeah? well (0.5) can i guess where you work? (0.8) >she's 03 like< (0.3) okay, have a guess. >i was like< do you work at 04 concentrix? (0.8) and >she's like< (.) how did you know? and 05 >i was like< 06 (0.3) 07 DEAN: [how- ] 08 HENRY: [£you're] norwegian. of course you work in concen[trix.£] 09 DEAN: [y'know]

I was so drunk

Extract 13 01 DEAN: .tsk she ran over >to me,< and was like (.) so did you get 02 home okay, >or did you have a< good night that night? >and i 03 was like< a:w i was very drunk. (1.3) >i was like< did you 04 get home okay? cause (.) it pretty: (0.3) pretty hairy, and 05 (0.8) >she was like< yeah i did. yeah, yeah. and this is 06 just >how bad it is.< in my hea:d (0.3) >i was just li:ke< 07 £i've forgotten your name. cause i was so drunk that 08 nigh(h)t.£

I thought she was American

Extract 14 01 DEAN: a bit [sketchy. ] 02 SHANE: [>is he the] one< with the really tall blonde 03 girlfriend? 04 DEAN: yeah. 05 SHANE: i'd [love it. ] 06 DEAN: [she's ca:]lled emily. (0.5) 07 SHANE: his girlfriend's right on. [she's f::it. ] 08 DEAN: [she's dead on. >she was-<] she- 09 sh- s- s- (0.3) the way she was talking i thought she was 10 american, 11 (0.5) 12 >i was like< where are you from? [>and she was like<]= 13 SHANE: [from like ] 14 banbridge. 15 DEAN: ba(h)nbri(h)dge. >and i was like< aww i (was >just 16 joking<). 17 HENRY: .hh hih 18 SHANE: hah hah 19 (0.3) 20 SHANE: fair enough.

Simile Likes

They're Like Socks

Extract 15 01 Katrina: They're like socks 02 Laura: 'Hat's not them ones that have like your (.) 03 to:es 04 Natalie: Yeah. 05 Laura: Yeh

They're Like Gloves

Extract 16 01 Katrina: Ye(hh)ah ah hhhh hhh hh 02 Laura: They're like gloves 03 Katrina: Why would ya? 04 Natalie: Yeah:

Like Ricky Martin

Extract 17 01 Dave: >We were just no we were just< .hh y'know dancing in 02 the rain haha wrestling in the rain haha ha (.) 03 Leigh: Sure [that's ] 04 Nicky: [Uber gay] 05 Leigh: Sure that'll sneak up rightly on yourself you know people 06 dancing in the rain, 07 Dave: What like Ricky Martin 08 Leigh: Yep